Sunday, February 12, 2017

Rose Marie Seoir Girl's Rule book selective scans

Hello everyone! Recently I've purchased this "Rose Marie Seoir'' girl's rule book, and I thought I'd share a small selection of scans with you guys for inspiration!

If you are interested, please do support the original book by purchasing it HERE.

This book came with a black satin bag as a gift, and there were gold prints of a cat, heels and ribbon logo on it. Being honest here, the bag was the main reason I've ordered this book LOL. I have been absolutely in love with black colour lately and I thought I'd add some more black bags in the wardrobe ^^

The book itself is not really thick, but had enough content to keep me interested. I really love looking at lists these days, ie. fashion tips, list of holy grail items, travel destinations etc. This one here had 13 topics that covered pretty much everything a girl is interested in, ie. fashion, beauty, bath goods, bags, accessories, shoes, nails, room decoration etc. 

The first couple of pages had different outfits, and I was drawn into this one here in particular :D 

Rule number 3 started here...where I saw a page depicting some of the items in a girl's bag. I actually really loved that handkerchief!! >0<

I thought I'd share this page which covered accessories, nails and shoes. These 3 sections introduced some really pretty items and designs from a wide range of brands...oh how I wish I could have them all LOL.

Here's a random page with some beautiful dresses, I think I quite liked number 5.

Like all styling books, there's got to be a section based on beauty products. Sometimes I get really tempted to try out new products just by reading about I the only one here? Haha.

Here are some bath goods even though I normally don't pay too much attention on these...but I have been wanting to try Jill Stuart's bath goods for agessss, now looking at this just reminded me to get them somehow...someday LOL. 

Here's one of my favourite page out of this book, which had a selection of little black dresses! I think I actually liked all of them >0<

Towards the end of the book, I found a whole section based on travel OMG. I love travelling and reading about other people's travel experiences, and I thought it was really nice that they included this section in the book. There were multiple photos for each country listed here, and I really enjoyed reading through them one by one.

The last page had a box attached with the gift inside it. From here you can see that the bag could actually be turned inside out, which revealed another pattern of bears, cherries and multiple words of "lolita". The bag itself is quite big so probably would be good for shopping? It can be tightenedd with the big ribbon on the front of the bag, which makes it pretty easy to access.

Product link:
Rose Marie Seoir Girl's Rule book

Monday, January 30, 2017

菅野結以 Yui Kanno style book "Yuitopia" selective scans

Hi everyone! Maybe some of you already knew, Yui Kanno has been one of my all-time favourite Japanese model. I remember when I first saw her as a Popteen model and I thought, "WOW She's gorgeous!!!"

Today I have selective scans from her style book "Yuitopia" to share with you guys, and I must say this was a really great purchase to allow her fans to get to know her on a more personal level :)

If you like these scans and is interested in purchasing your own copy, please support the original book by clicking HERE.

One thing I'd always love about Yui is her perfect skin! She looks fantastic on the cover :D

The content of this style book is actually quite broad, and it does not solely base on fashion, makeup and hairstyle but also other aspects such as movies, music and books that she likes.

If you can read Japanese, then you can also check out the Q&A section :)

Here are some Spring photos of Yui, I love how they played with the exposure and setting here.

Actually most of the photoshoots inside this book are just as beautiful as these, it almost looks like a fairytale realm.

They have introduced some of the products that Yui uses for her makeup looks.

Here are the steps of a simple and natural look.

She also had a gothic makeup which I thought was absolutely amazing!!

Some of her holy grail makeup products were also introduced here.

Actually I don't think I've used any of those products here but I'm quite interested in no.4.

Some of the hair accessories that she uses which were all beautiful! Can you see the ones from Liz Lisa? Personally I love the fur accessories, they look really cute :)

The next section introduces a lot of different hairstyles, they are actually pretty simple ones.

I would love to try this hairstyle someday ^^

There's something really fascinating about wavy hair and big bow accessories, it's so girly and adorable ^^

LOL interested in dessert? Yui even talked about some of her favourite ice cream here!

Yui has shown her morning and night routine here for those who are interested in skincare.

There is also a Nail art section which featured some of the nail designs she had, and some of them were really pretty.

There was a bigger section based on fashion and styling, and this is definitely my favourite section.

She totally rocked the red one piece x black jacket look!! I think the cool part about Yui's style is that she knew exactly how to balance the outfit perfectly (and the fact she looks good with everything and anything LOL). I absolutely love everything here on this page!!

These are probably my favourite pages out of the whole book as we get a peek at some of the fashion items in Yui's closet.

I feel there was a really good balance there with sweetness and coolness. Some of her clothes are actually quite mature with a hint of sexiness :)

I quite like these styles too, especially the first one inwhich she looked like an angel haha.

For those of you who may not know, she actually created this fashion brand called "Crayme". Personally I haven't bought anything from Crayme yet, but I am indeed very interested in the style. The pricing is about mid-high range, and I find their style is quite close to Larme-kei.

They also shown some of the movies, books, and music that Yui likes/recommends. Oh and by the way, doesn't she look SO GOOD HERE???? So wild and full of mischief ;)

I also love this photoshoot! Yui looks just as gorgeous with punk style!

They had a summary of the collaborations that Yui has done in the past with different brands. To this date I still regret not getting some of the Yui Kanno x Liz Lisa collaboration items LOL.

Yesssss! For those of you who have known her for awhile, she was actually a Popteen model. This typical Gal photo of her is really beautiful...ahhh the memories haha I still remember her with heavy eyeliners and dolly fake eyelashes in the early years.

Nowadays she is a model in Larme magazine, and I find her style has matured quite abit from Popteen days.

Here are some of the Larme issues which featured her, and I think I love the dark punk look on her the best, but also the casual looks.

If you are a fan of Yui Kanno, I'd highly recommend this book as it really shown a wide range of topics related to her. She is such a beautiful and hard working individual which I knew I would forever adore her. I'm glad I got this book and was able to share it with all of you, hope you guys enjoyed reading!

Product link:
菅野結以 Yui Kanno style book "Yuitopia" - Amazon JP

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Japanese lucky bag haul 2017 Part 3: One Spo fukubukuro

Hi all ^^ Here is the very last Japanese lucky bag that I've bought this year!

(Image from

OneSpo releases a Pink and a Black version of the lucky bag each year and I actually missed out twice before...this year however, I've finally got my hands on it...TA-DA! I got mine from Fashionwalker at 10800 yen, and all the items included were revealed at the release date. There were 8 items inside in total, including a small bag, sunglasses, beret, choker, top, skirt, jacket and a hoody OP. I had quite a struggle in deciding which version I wanted, but in the end I decided to go with the Pink version as it had more colour variety (all the items in the Black version were in black colour).

This is the fukubukuro bag itself, which comes in white canvas material and quite big size. The straps were in pink colour and as well as the writing of "Hello, Sweetie." on the front of the bag. 

There is a small compartment inside the bag as well, and the bag can be clipped up. Personally I probably won't really use this bag as I do prefer zippers, but it would be nice to perhaps use it as a shopping bag due to its size and convenience.

This is a mini-rucksack that comes in pale pink colour, and the straps are adjustable. I am actually pretty happy that this bag was included since I don't really have a bag in this size and style. There are a lot of zippers and everything seems pretty good quality ^^

It's really nice to have included a pair of sunglasses in a lucky bag, and Onespo definitely did a good job in this one. I actually don't own any sunglasses with circular lens nor in this colour, so it was a really good addition to the accessories I had. Besides, it looks really cute! (Will post photos on Instagram @ mintyminad in the future)

Just a really simple plain black beret here, along with a leathery trim. I don't wear hats very often but this would be nice with some coordinates, especially that I've been adding a lot of black colour to my wardrobe lately.

PonPon Choker:
The first impression I got from this choker was...yay cherries! LOL. Chokers have been really popular in 2016 and I thought it would be a good idea to add variety of colours (I've only got few black ones). This particular one is super adorable in its pink colour and it goes really well with the next item I've received.

Off-shoulder knit:
This pink, soft and fluffy off-shoulder knit was something I definitely needed for winter! I was pretty excited when I saw this from the lucky bag content. It shall match well with a variety of items, both skirt or pants, and looking casual and cute at the same time.

Hoody sweat dress:
To be honest I don't wear hoody too often, but the trend has came back and hovered within my sight for long enough LOL. I'm quite looking forward to match this hoody with the next skirt I've received, and achieve a sporty/casual look with a pair of sneakers or something.

Pleated skirt:
This is a very good piece for layering purpose (the skirt itself is actually quite transparent), and no surprise this has been popular throughout the year for all seasons. Though as much as I love it, I did wish it was in black colour rather than white.

Jacket (reversible - Red rose side):
Hands up this was the main reason I've ordered the Onespo lucky bag! There's nothing I don't love about this jacket and it's something I've wanted for a long time. Though initially this caused such a dilemma for me as I loved the jacket in the black version the end, I decided this is probably a better choice since it reverse to a black colour anyway LOL. I love the velvet material at this side of the jacket, and it's quite warm as well to wear. 

Jacket (reversible - all black side):
Ta-da!!! On the other side it's all black and comes in a silky/shinny kind of material. I really love this side as well since I know it will match well with a lot of different styles. Overall this was definitely my favourite item out of the fukubukuro!

I'd definitely recommend Onespo lucky bag to everyone as I feel they have the best value and variety comparatively. I have missed out this fukubukuro twice in a row so I was really happy to finally get one this year as they have been forever popular (I'd recommend you follow Onespo social media and check online regularly around November if you want to get one). I am absolutely in love with the sukajan here and pretty much everything else as well. If there is any regret, it would've been that I should've got the black version as well!

Again, I will try to do OOTD pictures on my Instagram, so please follow me @mintyminad if you are interested!

Check out my other 2 lucky bags from this year:

Liz Lisa Lucky bag

Lizmelo Lucky bag

Here is a video with more close-up shots of each item from the lucky bags^^ Enjoy watching~~


Thanks for reading guys! Hope you liked this 3-part haul series ^^