Sunday, January 22, 2017

Japanese lucky bag haul 2017 Part 2: Liz Lisa fukubukuro

Hi guys, this shall be Part 2 of my lucky bag haul from this year :) Here I have another fukubukuro from TokyoKawaiiLife and it's from Liz Lisa. If you are interested in the Lizmelo lucky bag then please click HERE (Those 2 were the only lucky bags released from Liz Lisa this year).

The Liz Lisa lucky bag this year was a lot more low-key, and the outer and the bag itself were revealed on the release date. This fukubukuro is 10800 yen and it contained 4 items in total including an outer, a camisole and 2 one pieces. The bag itself comes in satin pink colour with double zipper (you can hook a lock on it), and its size seems quite good for a carry on bag.

I actually bought this fukubukuro mainly because of this coat, as it looked very mature and polish to me. I find these chester coat to be quite popular in 2016 and thought about getting one myself. This particular one here comes in a very soft material, along with 2 pockets with bows. I'd imagine this whole fukubukuro is more focused on slightly more mature styles, so this coat was something perfect to start with.

This is actually exactly the same as the camisole I got from my Lizmelo lucky bag LOL, no surprise? As I said on my last post, sadly this didn't fit me too well due to its tightness.

One Piece 1:
This is one of the one piece included in the fukubukuro and it's definitely my favourite item here! I love how subtle the pattern on this dress is, and the colour combination of yellow and red roses. The material is quite thin so I'd say it's definitely a summer dress, and the style seems very elegant and mature which would be perfect when dress up with "Otona Kawaii" style. 

One Piece 2:
This one piece wasn't as exciting as the previous one, though it is indeed a very versatile one. This white knit one piece would definitely come in handy during Autumn/Winter seasons, and it would make a great casual piece due to its simplicity. 

I find this lucky bag is a lot more casual and slightly more mature, and everything included were suitable for a wider range of age group and body type. It was great that they had 2 one pieces included which suits 2 different seasons. These items may be a lot more plain in comparison, but I feel they can definitely be more useful too. 

Again, I will try to do OOTD pictures on my Instagram, so please follow me @mintyminad if you are interested!

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PS: I will also release a Youtube video at the end of all 3 blog posts for any close-up shot of the items.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Japanese lucky bag haul 2017 Part 1: Lizmelo fukubukuro

Hi everyone! I have just received all the Japanese lucky bags I've pre-ordered this year and I can't wait to show you guys what's inside them! Every year around new year time, many shops in Japan would do this "Fukubukuro" event. They are basically lucky bags that contain numerous items inside, which then add up to exceed the cost of the lucky bag itself, ie. a 10800 yen lucky bag containing 6 items that add up to be more than 30000 yen.

This year I've managed to pre-order 3 fashion-related fukubukuro online inwhich I am extremely happy and excited about (they are usually released around November)! In this post I'm going to show you the first one which is a Lizmelo lucky bag (32400 yen) from TokyoKawaiiLife.

This fukubukuro comes in a carry-on size suitcase in pale pink colour, along with a side security lock, 2 handles and 4 wheels. The pattern includes My Melody, flowers and strawberries which is very cute! I'm actually really happy to get a suitcase with hard cover as I know it would be more durable for any domestic/international trips. The suitcase itself is very easy to carry and glide around, and I love the fact there's a security lock where you set up a 3-digit pin on the side.

The One Piece was actually revealed on the website before I pre-ordered, and it was also known that there were 7 items inside including a coat, top, bottom, accessory, cardigan, camisole and the Lizmelo One Piece. When I opened up the suitcase, everything were piled up neatly under the straps, waiting to be opened one by one HAHA.

The accessory that was included in the fukubukuro was a My Melody charm with Liz Lisa tag attached. Unlike the previous collaboration ones, this charm only has her head rather than the body as well.

Here we have a white top with sailor collar and a detachable bow, it pairs up with the Jumpskirt as one of the coordinate from this lucky bag. I actually really like this top as it's quite simple and easy to match with a lot of the clothes I have.

I've actually expected this type of coat to be included in the fukubukuro, and ofcourse, it is Beige colour LOL. The coat itself is really warm and soft, and it comes with a furry collar too. I'd imagine this to be good for winter, although I really did wish it was in another colour.

I can never have enough white cardigans, and surprisingly this was just what I need! A plain white cardigan with simple buttons, which can be suitable for many occasions. I am very happy with this and will definitely wear this quite often.

I actually didn't expect a pink My Melody jumpskirt, and to be honest...I was never really a fan of jumpskirt LOL. Though this one can easily become a skirt with detachable straps, and most of all, it comes with the same pattern as the One Piece included in the fukubukuro as well.

A very simple white camisole with a small bow at the front, and this was pretty much expected every year. Although I didn't know I was going to get 2 of these at once LOL (will show you later in the Liz Lisa lucky bag). These however, were slightly uncomfortable for me (could be just me) as I find the cut around the bust area a bit too tight and they were not very flexible. Nevertheless they would always be useful for layering purpose in Autumn/Winter seasons.

One Piece:
Lastly, there was this pink My Melody One Piece dress which was already revealed on the release date. Frankly speaking, this made up 50% the reason of why I got this fukubukuro LOL (The other half being the suitcase AHAHAHA). It is just as beautiful as all other Liz Lisa x My Melody collaboration dresses, and the pattern here were certainly super adorable!

Overall, I think this was a really good lucky bag especially as I have missed out on the past hard case suitcases. I like the fact that nothing was too surprising, and also the fact they included Lizmelo designs here. The only thing I can say is probably in terms of value-wise...the lucky bag itself is on the quite expensive side, and it may seem overpriced when you compare it with previous years. That being said, it depends on how each person saw the items in there. Some may dislike it due to the plain items, some may love it because of the variety. Personally, I liked the items included even though some may not be suitable for me, so I do think the value is still acceptable.

I'd definitely try to find some time to take OOTD photos with these items, and if you are interested then you can always follow me on Instagram @mintyminad.

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PS: I will also release a Youtube video at the end of all 3 blog posts for any close-up shot of the items.

Monday, January 9, 2017

S'Age Bistronomy Birthday Dinner

Awhile ago, I have celebrated a quiet birthday with my hubby at S'Age Bistronomy. It appealed to us due to its creative dishes in which many looked like artworks, and also more economical for a degustation menu comparatively.

It was a hot summer evening, but inside was actually pretty cool along with jazz music and mixture of restaurant and bar seating. We then asked to have the degustation menu which included 9 courses.

Bread, butter and salt

The meal has started with a single bread, along with some butter and salt. The bread was actually softer than we'd imagined.

Next we had Chef's selection of 2 snacks as below:

Apologies that I don't remember the full ingredients from these snacks, but I think this one here is made of squid ink and edible flowers ^^ I thought this composition was very pretty as it remind me of some artwork.

These small tarts were absolutely delicious! They were made from corn and popcorn pieces, some interesting combination of textures here too.

Amaebi sweet prawn, horseradish, Jerusalem artichoke

The prawns here were very tender, along with the crunchy bits and pieces of horseradish and Jerusalem artichoke. They were such a cooling combination and certainly gave that refreshing touch. 

Smoked crocodile, raw asparagus, buckwheat

We were both very interested in the sound of "smoked crocodile" LOL the flavour somewhat turned out to be similar to Turkey and the texture was very spongy. This dish turned quite light, but still an amusing one.

Cauliflower, parsley and koji emulsion, spiced sour cream

Yes we eat Cauliflower very often, but how often do they get to be this fancy? The Cauliflower here tasted amazing along with the spices and sauce, more importantly they were cooked just the right level of softness.

Smoked oyster and kangaroo tartare, plum powder

This was another interesting dish we remembered, as the Kangaroon tartare was actually covered by an oyster shell initially (so we have no idea where was the tartare). At first I was a little doubtful about the tartare as I don't eat raw food very often, however, it actually turned out really nice. The tartare was very tasty with the hints of different ingredients, and I'm sure anyone would've loved its presentation too.

Roasted Barramundi, Tuscan leaf wrapped, kale puree, zucchini flower

I found it quite different for the Barramundi to be wrapped up in Tuscan leaf, while its steam peeked through the surface secretly. It was beautiful, though we both find the crispy skin more appealing.

Seared Venison, purple carrot, spiced rhubarb

This dish was indeed a good one, or perhaps the best out of all. We never knew Venison (deer meat) could taste so juicy, it was literally a "melt-in-the-mouth" moment. We loved this dish along with the different ingredients used to compliment the final taste.

Whipped ricotta, raspberry and malt syrup, feuilletine

When there is a good meal, I'd look forward to the dessert the most. However, this time I'm just a little disappointed. Perhaps because of its rich texture, we didn't find this dessert delicious despite of its pretty appearance.

Cherry and basil, red wine tuille, pink peppercorn meringue

This dessert actually made up for the tiny disappointment with the last one, and ofcourse, a "Happy Birthday" dish is always delightful ^^ I loved each layer of this dessert and made a really good birthday wish too.

S'age Bistronomy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Opening time:
Tuesday - Sunday
Lunch: 12pm - 3pm
Dinner: 6pm - 10.30pm
308 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest, NSW 2065
Phone number:
02 9906 7736

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Etude House Tint My Brows Gel Review (2 hours + test)

First of all...HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! I am back on my blog again, on the first day of 2017! ^^

Today I have a review of Etude House Tint My Brows Gel for you, as I have finally decided to give this a try after the hype from ages ago.

They have 7 different shades, and I bought mine in "Brown" which was probably the closest colour to match with my dark hair.

The instruction on the back of the packaging is pretty much self-explanatory. Though this review today is solely based on testing the effect of the product after 3-4 hours of application (I may do another one in the future for overnight test).

This is what the tube looks like inside, you screw open the top black lid and then apply the gel onto your brows.

Here is a comparison of before and after application (LOL I really don't have much eyebrow).

At this stage after application to both brows (I've used an eyebrow template here to apply, you may also draw the outline with an eyebrow pencil and then colour it in with the gel), I realised I started to look like Crayon Shinchan LOL. I was quite skeptical while checking out the mirror, and wondered what have I done to myself XD

I've waited for about 3-4 hours after application (the instruction said at least 2 hours) for them to dry up, and then I started peeling...very carefully. Yes, beware of this step as the gel can be a little sticky and you may peel bits of your original eyebrow out. 

The peeled gel shall look something like mixture of seaweed and worm-like looking object? LOL.

Here's a comparison of before and after peeling the gel off, and to be honest I was quite pleased with the result.

Both sides are done! What do you guys reckon?

Here's the corner of one eyebrow which turned out pretty good!

Later that night I went to shower and washed my face with water, so I decided to have a look at the brows again afterwards. 

The tint still seems visible, however the corners did fade a little. The middle bit seems a little lighter too, but it's actually looking more natural than before.

Here's a close-up of one brow, so you guys can see the top corner has faded a little.

In the end, I'm actually curious of the result if I have waited more hours or overnight. To be honest, even with 3-4 hours, the result wasn't too bad after washing. The tint then turned light brown after 2-3 days and completely faded by day 4.

- Natural-looking tint
- Easy to apply
- Convenient and light packaging
- Wide range of shades
- Dry up completely and not too hard to peel (after minimum time)
- Easy to fix mistakes (can be wipe off before they dry up)

- Has a similar scent as hair dye
- Doesn't come with any eyebrow templates (ie, either get your own or draw up the shape you want)
- Short duration

Product link:

***This review is not sponsored, I have bought the product by myself and all review are solely based on my personal opinion***

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sweet Magazine - December 2016 Selective Scans

When I first saw the December edition of "Sweet" Japanese magazine, I was determined to get my hands on it no matter what! The main reason being the small Snidel bag that came with the magazine, which I considered to be handy for many occasions.

The Snidel bag came in nude pink color, and it could be carried as a clutch or as a shoulder bag. The material almost reminded me of those Prada bags, which came in very good quality and stitches.

The reason I loved this bag was because of the compartments, which allowed placement of coins, notes, cards, and also a note book or passport. I'd imagined myself carrying this bag on occasions where I just need the essential things. Ie. night out or travel. I am extremely happy with this bag and I can see myself using it very regularly in the future.

Now onto the scans from this "Sweet" magazine: I've only scanned a selection of pages as some of my favorites, please enjoy reading and do purchase the original magazine at Amazon Japan if you wish.

The first few pages that caught my attention were these Snidel floral setups. I have always been a fan of Snidel styles but only owe a very few pieces due to their high price (though in the recent few years brands such as Liz Lisa are slowly catching up so the price may not seem too bad lol). I thought Snidel brand is really brilliant with their floral and lacy designs, and I love the fact they are more focused on "Adult cuteness" (Otona kawaii). The styles are elegant and feminine, and they are definitely more suitable for everyday wear.

Found 2 pages of "Sweet selection" and I really liked the items they have picked out! Especially the Burberry scarf with hearts in the first selection, and the Christmas decorations from the second page. These seems like such a nice idea though, perhaps I may do a post like this in the future to include my personal selections too :)

There were also some beauty product selections, and I was especially interested in the Laduree lip stick LOL it's in the shape of a shoe!

It's Royal Party's 10th anniversary, and the indoor slippers from the Winter Fair definitely caught my attention at first LOL. I really love the coat here too, there's something about soft fur inwhich forever mesmerize me.

This would be completely random, but I was stunned by this dress! The design was absolutely amazing and the entire print was simply a piece of artwork.

I remember Miu Miu did some Bijou sneakers awhile ago, and now they have these fancy looking ones too ^^ Really love the purple one with buckle and jewels.

This was my favourite section of the entire magazine which includes different tops in relation to "Howa Howa girl" (correct me or let me know an accurate definition if I'm wrong, but I'm guessing it's a term to describe soft/gentle/cute girl for winter season??).

For Fashion topic, I really love how they did wishlists for Howa Howa girl style. I simply love everything on the wishlist and I think it's great to wear them in winter. The cat bag from Lagunamoon was especially amusing.

This is my favorite page from the Nail topic, the pink designs are simple but very cute.

When I saw this page, I literally went insane LOL! I really love dessert, and I feel like eating everything here! These are such good desserts for winter season, and yea...who doesn't love Pancakes? ^^

Someone please get me this dog!!!! It's so fluffy and cute!!! OMG~~~ *fainted from its cuteness*

Some other pages that I was interested in, the designs on the LV and Gucci bags really stands out :D I also saw this Leopard design on Maison de Fleur bag/pouch haha I'm still waiting for the day when I'm brave enough to try any fashion items with Leopard design.

I was really into Red color at one stage, and seeing this page made me wanting to wear Red again ^^

They had quite a few pages on jewelries, and each one of them looked so delicate and pretty! This was one of my favorite page since it's "Happy" LOL.

I saw these Samantha Flower Tiara accessories and I was screaming inside! Soooo in love with the watch!! Actually everything here would definitely made to my Christmas wishlist T3T

Here are the last couple of pages from this "Sweet" magazine that I was interested in. I actually bought something similar to that black dress with lacy sleeves from Ank Rouge, this type of style strongly attracted my attention in A/W season this year. There are a few pieces I'm interested in from the last 2 pages, can you guess what they are? ^^

Thanks for reading guys! I hope this gave a good introduction of what "Sweet" magazine is like if you are new to this magazine and what type of styles to expect. I'm hoping to shift my style slowly to this direction, so I'd love to see any future suggestions for styling and OOTD.

Product Link: