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Katie the store (Japanese fashion) - OOTD, lookbook and wishlist

I have been a fan of Larme magazine for a very long time, and those of you who know Larme magazine very well may have also seen the brand "Katie" appear occasionally. I think for me, it was around 2015 when I first heard of the brand, but at the time I didn't pay too much attention as I felt the style didn't suit me very much and the price range was quite high. However since the 2016 AW collection, I have come around to look at the brand once more.

To me, Katie is a brand that's simple and sophisticated at the same time. Even though some of the items are quite plain, but there's a unique and mature vibe attached to each of them. More importantly, I love how it's often inspired by movies, music, vintage and classic characters. If there's anything more to love about Katie, I'd say the quality is quite impressive.

When I first saw the 2016 AW lookbook "Alternative queen", I was madly in love! However, I didn't began buying any item straight away as I wanted to see if the brand really suited me. At the time, I've became more interested in casual and plain styles rather than ones with complicated patterns and colors, but I also looked for more unique way to wear them. This lookbook has then given me so much inspirations and I have tried various outfits with similar style and color combination to experiment. Some of my favourite outfits from this lookbook are as below:

I was so inspired after seeing this look as I never really thought a camisole style one piece can be combined with a simple black top like this. I absolutely fell in love with this color match and the fanciness of "Vampire baby doll" dress. The sheer overlay of fuschsia on black was really outstanding.

This outfit was very simple, but again I loved the color combination of bordeaux on ivory base. Velvet was somewhat popular, and I like how the material looked a little more glamorous for daily wear. This "Happy Go!" long sleeve top with Lolita writing was one of my biggest regret to have missed out on!

These "Fluffy long cardigan" are one of Katie's classic pieces, and I had to say they are probably one of the best quality cardigans I have seen. It is very warm and comes in a nice and soft wool material that felt very gentle on the skin. I usually prefer long over short cardigans just for that more comfy and laid-back look.

I think this was my favourite outfit out of all, as I just loved its simplicity. I've also been trying to add more lavender items into my wardrobe, so something like this was exactly what I was looking for. "Sunday waffle" is a plain lavender one piece with longer sleeves style. I felt it was perfect to wear it just as it is in this lookbook, ie. with a simple scarf and boots and perhaps add on a nice coat if it gets more chilly.

Later I have recreated this look on my Instagram @mintyminad, using the lavender color "Sunday Waffle long one-piece", a simple white wool scarf, a Katie "doll" necklace from past collections, and a pair of pale pink Liz Lisa boots. 

I have always love blue and red color combination, there's that vintage feel to it. This look here matched a baby blue jacket with a bright red midi skirt and it was perfect!

This was another very unique outfit in my eyes, and it made me fell in love with black and pink combination. I loved that mysterious vibe about this "Midnight Lulu" one piece, with that slight mischief from the addition of pom pom. It was somewhat in a similar form as no.5 look, and I really liked such lingerie-like pieces that had feminine details. One of my outfit on Instagram was inspired by this look here as below:

This outfit used Katie's "Happy Go!" tee in black, Wego lace-up satin shorts, Wego pink scallop edge lacy outer and Wego lace-up ankle black boots. I hoped to match the lacy collar detail of Katie's top to the scallop edge to give a little balance, and a high waist shorts to create a slimmer look. 
I don't usually focus too much on accessories as I don't wear them often, but this "Sweet heart" necklace in red heart shape with "Lolita" writing has totally consumed my attention. It's was simply adorable and I loved the arrow design as it reminded me of Cupid. 

Katie also released a collection based on "Bettie Page", who was an American model from the 1950s. I totally adored this collection and my favourite were the T-shirts with Bettie in various poses. I have also posted an outfit I came up with on Instagram a while ago as below:

I've used "B.P Perfect Tee" in Pink as the center piece here, and combined it with leather jacket and leather pants, as well as a pair of leopard pattern loafer. I felt I could also use the T-shirt for a pin-up dolly look, but at the moment I just love monotone grunge look with it.

Compared to the AW16 collection from Katie, I was less attracted to the SS17 "Rose & Daughters" collection overall (also due to the fact I always love Autumn/Winter more than Spring/Summer fashion) but still deeply inspired by its color combinations. One of the combination greatly inspired me to put together this outfit on Instagram:

YES! The combination of olive green with satin pink/nude. All the pieces from this outfit were actually not from Katie (except the Katie badge), but I wanted to try to create a "Katie" summer feel similar to outfit no. 22 from SS17 lookbook.

I didn't pay too much attention to this particular cardigan called "Shiny Shiny lame cardigan" at first but I knew lame (shimmery) style is really trendy this spring/summer. However after I've seen the blue one, especially when combined with the red "Sweet! Pop! camisole one-piece" (on their twitter), I was so in love (as below)!

Though due to the season here, it is highly unlikely this cardigan will come much in handy...but I do hope to create similar outfit in the future as I'm so obsessed with this color combination.

Again, I wasn't really paying attention to this particular top called "Josephine big crew neck", as it felt way too simple. Though after I've seen the pink version which restocked a little while ago, I am indeed contemplating on adding this to the wishlist. I guess I was more interested in the color and long sleeves, and how I could think of millions of outfits using the pink color.

I was strongly interested in the "Rose & Daughters" tee in pink color after I've seen it featured on Risa from Larme magazine. Though it actually sold out in like...3 seconds? LOL. Quite sad I wasn't able to purchase this T-shirt and it looked really good in quality too. I was actually interested in the jeans as well but very doubtful about its fitting at this stage. This whole outfit just looked right to me, and I have definitely come to love high-waist jeans more lately as well.

This "Rose Garden lux's dress" which I believe was inspired by Lux's dress (even had the same name) from the movie "The Virgin suicides" (it was such a beautiful yet sombre movie and I highly recommend it). Even though I have become less interested in floral pattern clothing, this is definitely a really pretty dress for Spring.

I have really set my mind to buy this "Hanging rock puff dress" in white color, inspired by the movie "Picnic at hanging rock". However, this sold out even faster than the Rose & Daughters tee!!! (in both colors too!) It just looks so comfortable and suitable for summer here since it gets really hot and sticky.

I have almost bought this "Be your cat robe coat" but I figured it may not suit me after all. I love the whole satin pink series, and I felt they tend to send out a luxurious vibe when I look at them.

This "Nigh fever big hood zip" is actually on the top of my wishlist at the moment, as I really love zip-up hoodies lately. It's just so convenient to wear for everyday and so casual yet comfortable, especially when I'm in a hurry or the weather gets a little unstable throughout the day. Though at the moment, I still can't on the color but eventually I'll figure that out LOL.

Again, this is another piece that I have almost purchased in the blue color. After a long consideration, I decided it wasn't right for me. I do love how both the lavender gingham and blue stripe version have their uniqueness, and I thought both would match really well with the "Sweet! Pop! tee" in pink color.
I didn't quite like any of the shoes or accessories from this collection, but I did find the silver color "Baby lettered necklace" was an interesting piece. 


I really like bomber jackets, and Katie's bomber jackets have always been something on my wishlist. From this season, I thought this black one looked pretty nice, something not too flashy and good enough to get me through the slightly chilly days. I'm putting this on consideration and on low-priority, but I'll definitely keep an eye on it!
I've actually been staring at this bag for awhile LOL. It's from past collections and I really like how casual it is. Though I'd probably wait for a bit to see if there will be any similar bags coming out in the next season.

It's not really something on my wishlist but I'm slightly interested in the scent. I'd probably have to visit the actual store to see if I really like it as I'm quite picky with perfumes.

There's something mesmerizing about this piece in pink that I can't explain in words. I mean, it's too plain right? But after I've seen it on a few staffs, I thought it looked really good with both dresses and pants. Somehow, I am very interested in the long sleeves too. Definitely interested!

 I am absolutely in love with wearing zip-up hoodies lately, and this hoodie has definitely stayed in my wishlist since it's been released. I love the length and how shimmery it is! However, I could not decide the color LOL. I have recently bought a greyish-black zip-up hoodie and it make more sense if I get the pink one from Katie right...or maybe not?
I have adored this particular tee since it's been released, though I was having an indecisive moment between the red and pink color. In the end, I figured my current wardrobe needs pink more than red LOL. Hopefully soon I'll be able to get this ^^ I think it will go pretty well with jeans too! (Yes, I love wearing jeans too)
The very last item on my wishlist is...TA-DA! Finally an accessory! I loved this necklace for awhile now but I guess I've been contemplating too hard with when I would actually wear this (I'm not really into accessories actually, it's quite rare to see me wearing necklace). I do love how delicate this looks and I'm sure I'll love it more as I wear it.'s definitely something I'll keep watching!

PS: I simple can't wait for 2017 AW collection!!!


I don't usually write long post like this, along with loads of official pictures. But I thought I'd start to share some of my favourite fashion brands here, and perhaps introduce them to others incase people may be interested too. In the future I hope to share more of my fashion inspirations, OOTD (mainly on Instagram), wardrobe items, and maybe wishlists as well. I want to share how I put my outfits together, what inspired me and personal styling advice if I can. At the same time, I'd love to hear these things from everyone else out there too so feel free to let me know anytime ^^

All the official image source: Katie official website
Katie Web store:

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Dirty Janes Bowral - Antique market and Tea Salon (May 2017 Bowral NSW trip)

A little while ago, we have just reached Autumn/Fall season here in Australia and thus we decided to go on a short family trip to Bowral. This peaceful town was actually closer than we thought, at only about 1.5 hour drive from Sydney. While we were there to enjoy the Autumn colors, we thought we might as well visit "Dirty Janes" to explore the Antique market and have high tea there.

Dirty Janes looked very welcoming, as it was full of green plants at the outdoor entrance area. Places like this reminded me of "Grounds of Alexandria" back in Sydney, with a beautiful garden and occasional scent of a cup of coffee or freshly baked breads from a nearby cafe.

When we walked inside, I was absolutely blown away with the stalls presented in front of us. From vintage furniture to cameras, and gorgeous treasures here and there, I really wish I could've bought everything home.

These beautiful home wares deserves our 100% attention, and we were particularly interested in the Coca Cola sign.

I may not be able to collect vintage cameras but I certainly LOVE to look at them! It was amazing to see a huge collection there along with some of the extremely precious ones from decades ago.

The Antique market is definitely highly recommended for all the vintage lovers! We enjoyed walking around this indoor maze and being mesmerized by everything we saw.

It didn't take long for us to find this small entrance to the Tea Salon there, and fortunately we made a booking as this place was absolutely full (It was on a Monday afternoon too)!

I had a quick glance at the interior and my eyes were completely locked on this side of the wall. There were so many vintage posters, framed and adjusted neatly onto the wall. At this stage I was telling my hubby of how this would be my dream (LOL) and how much I regret not buying more posters back in Paris. I especially love old film posters, such as "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

I ended up picking "Princess Belle" (Beauty and Beast anyone?) and hubby picked "Queen of hearts" as our tea. My one had a strong peachy scent with tiny hints of rose petals, it was such an amazing tea. My hubby's one had a relatively lighter scent, and it was mainly a pleasant lemon flavour.

Before we arrived here, we actually didn't know what to expect of their high tea. When the staff brought our sets over, I quickly started taking that first bite on the sandwiches and little savories (always been my favourite section) and OH-MY-GOD they were good! But hold on...that's not the best part! We had one classic and one white chocolate/cinnamon (flavor of the day) scones, along with fresh cream and jam. Hands up they were the best scones I've ever had and hubby totally agreed too! Not to mention how amazing the cream was, and I could've sat there all day just inhaling them LOL. We really loved the sweets on the top section as well, they had brownie, panna cotta, lemon tart and tiny cupcakes (Check out their full menu HERE).

We absolutely loved Dirty Janes and I'd recommend a visit if anyone ever decide to visit Bowral. It was somewhere different to what we used to see in everyday lives, and somewhere that transfer you back in time.

Opening hours:
7 days 10am - 5pm (High tea 10am - 4pm)
13 Banyette St, Bowral NSW
Phone number:
02 4862 1522 (Tea Salon)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Honey Mi Honey 10th Anniversary book - 2 way Boston bag review

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I updated this blog but here I am again!! ^^ Today I'd like to review this 2-way Boston bag I got from the "Honey Mi Honey" 10th Anniversary book. Honey Mi Honey has been a Japanese brand that I always had my eyes on, as they appeared many times in Larme magazines. I really love the style designs and desperately wanting to go to its cafe in Tokyo someday ^^

When I first saw a photo of this bag, I fell in love with its simple and convenient design and thought it would be a good travel bag. It came in a box as shown on the picture above, along with a Honey Mi Honey catalog for some of the newest items in store (about 10 pages). 

Here's a picture with the catalog ^^
(NB: I mainly wanted to do a quick review of the Boston bag, so there won't be any scan of the catalog)

The bag itself is in black color, made in fabric material and came in a decent size of 50 x 34 x 19cm. The straps (shoulder strap is adjustable) came in black color and white writing of the brand name. Here's a front view of the bag, and there was a small zip pocket in the front (which will be explained later in this post).

Here's a back view of the bag, in the middle we have the middle component which allows it to be attached to a luggage handle (will show later in this post).

Here's what it looked like inside, and it came in double zippers. There were no additional compartments inside the bag, but it has a pretty good amount of room.

On the back of the packaging, there were different points of the bag itself and instructions on how to fold the bag into a small pouch.

So we open up the small zip pocket at the front of the bag first...and here it goes LOL.

The instructions are quite easy to follow, and just keep in mind the pocket itself is reversible in the last few steps. Once you folded everything in, you just simply zip it up.

TA-DA!!! It turned out to be pretty much the size of a cosmetic pouch. I find this very useful and convenient as it would save so much space if you needed. 

Lastly, you can attach this bag to the handle of your luggage as well...which ofcourse saves you from carrying it on its own :D

I absolutely fell in love with this bag and I think it's a pretty cool idea for Honey Mi Honey's 10th Anniversary release. The only thing I have to see now is the durability of this the material seems a little thinner than usual bags, it's hard to say how it would turn out after travelling. I do however, only intend to use this as carry-on bag so it won't go through much rough surface :) Shall see how it goes...Though overall I'm still very happy about this bag, and it would be a stylish everyday bag too :)

Thanks for reading guys! If you are interested in this then you can get your own in the link down below too ^^

Product link: