Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hello world!

Hi everyone! Welcome to Minty Mina D!!!

Minty Mina D will share my passion with all of you, those includes:

* OOTD - Different outfits
* Travel - I'm hoping to write about my favourite destinations and share with you guys
* Beauty - Make up, hair, nail art posts
* Illustration - My creation "Bun" will pop out once in a while to entertain you in comic strips and random pictures
* Recipe - Mainly desserts and simple cooking^^
* Cute little things in life - There are so much things I love! Eg. cooking (especially cute-looking food), anime (One Piece forever!), movies, books, games etc...

Preview of future posts:

- Different travel experiences
- My Youtube videos
- Comic strips of Bun
- Reviews of products
- Different outfits, OOTD
- Other random cute things and places I've been to

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