Monday, February 3, 2014

Hello Kitty Sweets (Taipei, Taiwan)

Being a girl, and being a girl who TOTALLY LOVE cute things...anything that's Hello Kitty-related will never cease to attract my attention. A while ago in Taiwan, I have discovered this Hello Kitty café in the capital city at Taipei and decided to share this with all of you!

There was a huge Hello Kitty logo on top of the café so it would be pretty easy to spot XP

When I peek through the window and saw those cute little Hello Kitty decorations and pink colours, my eyes seriously glittered and hearts appeared inside my pupil!

I walked into the door and saw these (especially that pink Hello Kitty cake!). I swear if no one was there, I would just stick my face to the window and drool.

O-M-G! Tell me you don't love these decorations and I'd say you are definitely lying!!! The walls were light pink with cute illustrations, the lights were sparkling, and there were Hello Kitty menus...etc etc. The whole place just fulfils every girl's dream, and you felt like you have suddenly turned into a princess or something. >o<

Check out the toilet too, who would've thought you would get a hot pink princess chair inside?

When I was reading the Hello Kitty menu, I felt like picking all sorts of food...or like...everything!?! LOL

I've picked a few light dishes, they were so cuuuute! >o< Some of them had Hello Kitty face on them!

After I finished the meal and before I left, I spotted this unique Hello Kitty near the door. This Hello Kitty was holding a hand cuff!!! Baaaaad-assss~~~ I loved the purple eye shadow too!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about this cute little Hello Kitty café~ If you ever go visit Taipei, make sure you check it out!

Find out more about this café at their website (English available):
(Hello Kitty Sweets)

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