Friday, March 21, 2014

Fujiko.F.Fujio Museum - Go and see Doraemon!

Hello!!! Today I'm posting about one of my favourite place that I've visited while I was in Tokyo...the Fujiko.F.Fujio Museum! I went there mainly because I wanted to remember my childhood's favourite anime called "Doraemon".

So on this sunny day, I have departed from the hotel to Noborito train staion, and then I found this Doraemon bus about 2 minutes away from the station!

These were the tickets I bought from Lawson...

Then you can swap them to proper tickets similar to one of the above when you get to the museum (I got a Dorami one).

Here's a picture I took of the guide that you will get, they come in all different languages as well. The staffs will also give you an audio device to hang on your neck, those will explain each of the exhibitions in the exhibition room (NOTE: no photos and videos are allowed in those rooms). The audio device also come in different languages and they explain everything pretty thoroughly so you will get a clear understanding.

We found this half way, it was located outdoor (I totally remembered this episode from the manga/anime!).

When I was younger, I dreamed of having one of Doraemon's equipments, and this was one of them. This telephone booth will allow anything you say to come true, and I remembered this from the time when Nobita wished magic existed.

Once you get out of the exhibition rooms, you can then start taking photos and read manga there too^^

Here is the theater, where an exclusive short film will be played. Make sure you watch it (they come in different sessions) as it's only shown at Fujiko.F.Fujio museum!

It's so cute that they even had manga strips on toilets LOL

Found a giant Doraemon outdoor!!!

Below are some of the food/drinks from the museum café:

How pretty were the dishes? I wish I could make them...oh yea, one hint here...try to head to the café straight away when you get in, as the line take ages! Don't worry, you will get a seat number so you can hang around while you wait, just make sure you don't miss it!

My other favourite part of the museum was the gift shop, there were so much things to buy and they were all so cute!!! >o< *scream* I have bought some stickers, postcard, special edition manga, and some snacks from there.

I had so much fun exploring this place so I definitely recommend this for any Doraemon fans out there! If you are not familiar with Doraemon, you might want to start reading the manga or watch the anime today! I'm sure you will fall in love with this adorable robot cat!

How to buy the tickets (from Lawson's "Loppi" machines):

Official website:


  1. Hello again!

    Thanks for sharing your little trip to Doraemon's Museum in Japan :)

    1. Thank you :D I hope to share more of these type of posts in the future~

  2. OMG I want to visit this museum!! :o So cute c: I love Doraemon so much!!
    Love, Jenny