Wednesday, April 30, 2014

One Piece Chopper nails

Hellooooo guys!! Yes I've posted a new video on Youtube again~ it was something I always wanted to do...something relating to my favourite anime...ONE PIECE!!! Have you guys seen that anime? It's like the best anime ever in history! It's about a bunch of friends sail out to the sea to become pirates and aiming to find the ultimate treasure of one piece. The anime is mainly based on friendship, there were a lot of funny scenes and as well as moments that can make you shed plenty of tears. I love it so much that I followed it from episode 1 till the present at episode 642 (WOW! now I feel...somewhat...old lol), it was such an amazing journey and I just can't wait to share this excitement with others!

So this time I have done a nail design based on my favourite character from there called Chopper, this really cute deer who can talk. I couldn't resist his funny faces at times and the fact everything about him is pink! (did I mention he looooves eating So yea...hope you enjoy watching the video and feel free to join me on the journey of One Piece ^^

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