Saturday, May 17, 2014

What's in my Liz Lisa make up bag?

Hi guys^^ Recently I've uploaded a video on Youtube about the items that I carry in my Liz Lisa make up bag. I got this make up bag from an overseas trip to Tokyo, Japan, and I bought it from Liz Lisa store in Harajuku while it was on sale. The colour and pattern attracted me immediately, and I really like how it comes in 2 parts (more details in the video).

The items I'm carrying with me are:

- Candydoll powder (pro: gives a good finish on face make up, con: the powder can flow out if not carried properly)
- Candydoll lip gloss (pro: great colour, con: very sticky)
- UGB BB Cream (pro: natural coverage, con: a bit big for travel use)
- Dior lipstick (pro: light and good for everyday use, con: a little expensive)
- Shiseido integrate eye shadow (pro: very small and convenient to carry, con: more suitable for natural look only)
- Tinker wink tear drop highlighter (pro: great effect, con: have to apply quite a few times to see the effect)
- Canmake concealer (pro: excellent coverage, con: can easily apply too much)
- Canmake cream blush (pro: easy to apply, con: can apply too much if not careful)
- Dollywink mascara (pro: great length, con: not so much volume)
- Dollywink black eyeliner (pro: smooth to apply, con: doesn't stay long)
- Yojiya Yuzu Tsuyaya lip balm (pro: moisturizing, con: have to apply with fingers)

I don't carry eyelash curler and my fake eyelashes with me often, thus I won't be talking about these 2 items in the video. Usually I do prefer natural make ups, so I just carry really basic make ups with me^^

Feel free to check out my video below on youtube^^


  1. Thanks that I have found your blog, because I really want to know more about some of the products, (Just curiosity), thanks! :)

    1. Thanks for reading^^ Most of these are my favourite products, especially the Canmake concealer :D