Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Random Doraemon drawing

So recently I was playing around with my tablet again...and as I was doing a self-portrait for Michelle Phan's tag, somehow I got hooked on drawing random things again. Anywaaaaysss~ I ended up doodling around and drew a picture of Doraemon...oh dear, I need someone to teach me how to do digital colouring! I'm still so hopeless with digital art as I always preferred the traditional way of drawing with pencil and paper...*sigh* Here it is!! (Don't laugh...T^T)

I saw some really Pro people on deviantart and youtube doing some really sick drawings...then I was like -_____- wish I learnt to draw properly when I was a kid!!! Oh well, guess I'll just doodle for fun anyway~ Hope you guys still like it! LOL XD

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