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BornPrettyStore review and "A bow in the deep ocean" Nail Art

Hey guysssss^^ Today I'm doing a design called "A bow in the deep ocean" (only available on my blog and Instagram - follow my Instagram HERE) and a review about one of the nail art product that BornPrettyStore has sent me earlier~

This item is a colourful 3D rhinestone bow, it also comes in 6 different colours (you can check it out at the item link at the bottom of this post). The bow itself is 18mm wide and 13mm long, and it's also about 2g in weight.

I'm going to say that I'm quite pleased with the quality of BornPrettyStore's nail art product once again, because every part of the bow was in shape with no chipped edges. I loved how this was really shinny, almost like a treasure under the deep ocean waiting to be found. The size however, might be slightly big to apply on the some of the nails. I have small and short nails so it does take up most of the space, and as you can see, it was wider than my middle finger when applied horizontally. I'd probably recommend this to be used diagonally if you don't want it to stick out of the edge as much, otherwise, applying on the thumb is probably a good idea too as it has a large space.

If you are actually looking to do more of an exaggerating design rather than everyday design, then you can do what I did here or even stick them near the tips of your nails to emphasize its look. Otherwise, I have listed a few bow-shaped nail art accessories on BornPrettyStore that are relatively smaller:

- (coloured ones)
- (white rhinestone/crystal ones)

Soooo, this time I'm actually looking to create quite a glamorous nail design that's a little bit different than usual. Let's see what I have done with this piece of bow (Step-by-step tutorial below)!!

Below are all the nail polishes, accessories and tools that I have used in this design^^

Ok^^ Let's start!!! We shall apply a layer of base coat on all nails and get onto the base colours!

We will paint the thumb and middle finger with dark blue nail polish, index and ring fingers with a navy blue glittering (can be non-glittering too) nail polish, and lastly the pinky with white nail polish as below.

Then we can start drawing!


We are going to paint a V-shape French tip with white nail polish, and then outline it with silver glitters (You can apply a layer of top coat first and then use a brush to apply the glitters). Then we are just going to attach a dark blue (large size) rhinestone at the bottom of the V shape. After that, we will use a slightly lighter blue nail polish to draw a heart shape, and then fill it in with light blue glitters.

Index finger:

We are going to apply a layer of top coat first, and then brush on the silver glitters. Then we are just going to attach a dark blue (large size) rhinestone and accompany it with 2 light blue (small size) rhinestones on each side (as shown below).

Middle finger:

We are going to do the same tip as what we've done for the thumb, and then apply a dot of glue near the bottom of the nail to attach the bow (I chose to use glue due to the size and weight of the bow so that it sticks on more firmly).

Ring finger:

We are going to do exactly the same thing as index finger here, except just stick the rhinestones of the other side of the nail (as shown below).


We are going to apply a layer of top coat, and then just stick the rhinestones (in both large and small size) onto the nail. In here I have used white, light blue, grey and dark blue colours.

Ta-da!!! All done!!! Does the colours remind you of the ocean? As you swim deep down, you shall see the little treasure, shinning brightly to capture every bit of your attention! The bow has been sitting there, waiting for you to pick it up and bring it back to the beautiful sunlight once again!

Thanks to BornPrettyStore for sending me this product for review, and again I was quite happy with it. I hope you guys enjoyed reading and liked this design too!! If you are a big fan of nail art, feel free to have a browse on their website for a large range of nail art product selections. Oh and if you found something you like, you can use this voucher below for a 10% discount too^^

Thanks for reading^^

*** The product was sent to me by BornPrettyStore for review, all reviews are based solely on my personal opinions***

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