Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bun comic - peaceful Saturday morning...not!

Hi everyone!! I wondered if this ever happened to you guys? When you felt like sleeping in on the weekend and then your alarm clock suddenly started going crazy at early morning...then you were like...$(%(%*)@#$@!???! Yep, it happened to me quite a few times...when I totally forgot to turn my alarm off on Friday nights...and trust me, I really felt like throwing the alarm out of the window at those moments. Soooo, here's a Bun comic again...for these er...excruciating moments...Enjoy!


  1. That happens to me all time! When I get woken up though, I think *yaaay more sleep!* and I sleep some more haha ^^

    Thanks for the follow! btw do you have gfc or bloglovin? I want to follow back, but I don't use google plus

    Steph | datewithsteph

    1. mmm I think I had a bloglovin account but never really gone there lol it should be under "mintyminad" hehe Thanks for reading girl^^