Friday, July 25, 2014

Collaboration, TAG video and Giveaway videos

Hi guys^^ This week I have uploaded 2 videos on Youtube! One of them is a collaboration with a good Youtube friend "Honey Bee"~ Because it's winter at where we are, we decided to do a winter-inspired make up tutorial. It actually doesn't snow at where I am, but I really wish it did!! I think snow is such a beautiful weather^^ Here is the video below, and please do check out Honey Bee's version as well~

The other video I've uploaded is a TAG video from Bela Pikachu. Although I don't consider myself as a beauty guru, I still think this is a quite fun TAG to do! It just give you guys some insights about me, my videos and my Youtube channel and I hope some of them can be helpful too^^ In addition, I've also added in a Giveaway for passing 300 subscribers!! I couldn't thank enough to all my viewers and subscribers, I am truly grateful to have met such wonderful bunch of people! So here it is! Haha it's a bit longer than my usual videos but hope you guys will enjoy watching it!!! :D

Thanks for watching~ and I'm sure I'll come up with more exciting videos next week!! ^^

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