Friday, July 18, 2014

Cute Chocolate Cups recipe and Fun Quiz answers

Hi everyone^^ As requested from my previous video of "Mini Daiso haul", I've made cute chocolate cups from the aluminium cups that I've bought from Daiso! Please see the bottom of this post for my video link.

In addition, I have decided to do something different this week so I added in a fun quiz to my video!! (Watch till the end for the quiz) Now I'm going to post the answers here...if you haven't read the quiz yet, please do have a look before reading the answers ^^


Dark Chocolate..........100g


Decorating icing Kit - I've used pink and white colours here
Coles brand heart shaped decoration
Coles brand dot decoration
Cocoa powder


Answers for the fun quiz:

A. 2 times or less
You are a very loyal person and treat love like a precious treasure. Therefore you will not betray your lover and will live happily ever after with her/him if everything goes well. However, you find it difficult to accept others' betrayals, and once they do, you may even consider giving up on love.

B. Countless
You are very outgoing and love to meet all kind of people. Most of the times you will end up dating someone if the feeling is right, and separate once the feeling is gone. Thus you will fall in and out of love many times, but hardly have a relationship that leaves a deep impression. Perhaps you will start to commit more into a relationship only as you grow older or being tied to responsibilities.

C. About 3-5 times
You are not too comfortable chatting with the opposite sex, even with your lover. You are quite mysterious and reserved and therefore make others feel insecure about you. Once there is a misunderstanding, your lover may leave you because of your unwillingness to explain things. However your relationship will actually be very long term, but just hard to keep.

D. More than 5 times
You value equality in a relationship, and often you don't take care of your lover to the level in which you should. You will only began to realise how much you cared after you lose a relationship, but he/she may not give you another chance to start all over again. Thus you will need to fall in love a few times in order to understand what love is all about.

If you guys liked those kind of quiz, please let me know and I'll try to add more into my future videos^^

Thanks for reading and watching, hope you all enjoyed it!!!

Watch my video here (including fun quiz)

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