Friday, July 11, 2014

Kirby nail design and BornPrettyStore nail art product review

Hey guys^^ Thanks to BornPretty, today I will be reviewing this nail art accessory of "300Pcs 2mm/3mm colored star round shaped stud rhinestone". The product was sent to me by BornPretty for review, and I have also done a Kirby nail design using the star shaped rhinestones here (Video is at the bottom of this post).

As you can see, I have used the product on my index and ring finger as part of my nail art here. The size, shape and colour really matched perfectly with the design.

The round and star shaped rhinestones were placed separately in a clear circular case. Together they came in 6 different colours of pink, green, yellow, orange, purple and blue, and the colours were slightly brighter with more of a neon appearance (you can compare the colours of the yellow star that I've drawn on my ring finger and the star shaped rhinestones that I've attached). The clear case itself actually turns, and you can place the uncovered section over a particular slot to get the accessories out, ie. on the above picture, I have turned the uncovered section to the slot with blue stars. This does help to prevent unnecessary fall-out of accessories from other slots and made it more convenient to use. The rhinestone itself comes in full opaque colours with no shininess or glitters, and the quality was great with no chipped off colours or edges. The rhinestones were easy to apply with a simple layer of top coat or nail glue. It can be a bit tricky to pick them up with a tweezer, so I'd probably recommend a dotting tool or rhinestone pick-up tool.

Overall I was happy with this product due to the quality and convenience. I would recommend people to use this for funky and colourful nail arts, and I think they will look great both as patterns or as single studs on the nails. However, please be aware of the colour differences of these rhinestones in different lighting conditions. This especially applies for the yellow coloured rhinestones as they do appear slightly greenish under some lighting conditions, and whereas in other circumstances they may appear similar to the colour of the yellow star I drew here. Also, although I haven't used any round rhinestones here, I could see myself doing a 3D-looking polka dot nail art using them.

Hope you enjoyed this design~ Kirby was actually one of my favourite games and I love this super adorable pink character! Did the stars, clouds and Kirby's sucking expression brought some of your memories of the games back?? ^o^

Ok! That's it for today~ and for all you lovely readers out there...if you are interested in nail art and would like to have a browse on BornPretty webstore, you can also use this voucher as below to purchase something ^0^ (WOOHOOO!)

Thanks to BornPretty again for sending me this product to review. For the links of this product, their nail art category and webstore, please see underneath my youtube video.


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