Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Take me to your heart (1) - Who am I?

Hi guys, today I decided to start a series on my blog called "Take me to your heart". This series will allow me to have a honest conversation with you guys about myself, my experiences and my opinions on various topics in life. Whether it's about lifestyle, love and relationship, personality, or even just little silly things. Hopefully you guys will enjoy reading these, and feel free to share your thoughts with me at the comment box. In the future, I do wish to make some Youtube videos based on similar topics as well ^^

Ok, after all that introduction, I shall continue onto today's topic...

That is, "who am I"?

LOL it's not like I'm having amnesia or anything, and no I definitely haven't forgotten my name! What I meant was...what will you think when you ask yourself this question? Will you be able to describe exactly who you are? Or do you have some doubt? Or perhaps you are still on your way to find yourself? Today I'd like to share a little bit of my journey to become the person I am.

When I was younger, I always loved things that are...somewhat different to others. For example, while all the girls started talking about makeup and boys, I would be the one who goes around playing Pokémon, daydreaming about UFO and aliens, and laughing at the most stupid things that you can ever imagine. I was also a very straight forward person as well so I tend to say exactly what's on my mind to people.

Because of these 2 traits, I have definitely stirred up some trouble around me, and also received a lot of negative comments. Being young and naïve, I was quickly defeated by all the dreadful attitudes towards me. I mean, when people started calling you "WEIRDO"! There's no way you could simply ignore that right? My heart was hurting, so I decided to make a move to change myself.

I started hiding.

Soon after that, I wasn't odd anymore, but I was feeling empty deep inside. I felt that I was like a doll, simply being manipulated by the world around me. I gave up a lot of my passion, just because they seemed so ridiculous in most people's eyes.

Then one day I suddenly questioned, "who am I"? Surprisingly I didn't even know how to answer that truthfully. I've become so distracted that I no longer remember the person I was. I felt it was time to start searching again, and fortunately I have met people who made me realised's actually ok to be yourself.

"Don't be afraid. There's nothing wrong with being who you really are."

I felt like I was gradually walking out of a tunnel, and realised the beautiful scenery outside of it. I was too busy trying to merge into the darkness, yet I didn't notice that beam of light would've led me to where I truly belong.

After so long, I can say that I am actually proud of who I am today. Yes, perhaps a lot of people wouldn't understand me. But does it really matter? No, I honestly don't care. Because the most important part is that I understand myself and no longer need someone or something to prove who I am.

After all that talk, you may "who am I"?? LOL.

I am a NERD. Yes you heard me, a nerd. Haha. I like anime, I love internet and games, I enjoy reading books, I am fascinated by art, and most of the times I do prefer to stay at home or just spent some silly time together with my loved ones. People often see me as someone a lot younger than my age and they do question how I can still smile and laugh so much. Well, you know what? Life is complicated, so don't make it even more complicated by having such a serious face. I rather laugh to death than worry to sick. If being a child at heart can bring simplicity, then why not?

Thanks for reading guys, I swear it was WAY too long haha so well done if you have reached here all the way from the top. I shall be looking forward to share more about my experiences and thoughts in the next blog post of "Take me to your heart", bye for now! ^^


  1. I feel you Mina, I'm the same as you except for the anime part I'm not a big fan, but I really prefer to stay at home and enjoy doing other things, even though I like nail art, makeup and stuff like that I'm not that girly like always talking about boys or gossip things I find it really boring lol. I just keep my things and prefer not to tell to people (I know antisocial level extreme) but is the way I enjoy and I don't care if people like it or not, when I go shopping I see all those girls looking at me with their ugly faces saying look at her clothing is not expensive and stuff like that and I'm like what do you want bitch I'm asian I'm cool (LOOOOOOOL), but yeah I'm like that lol.

    Love your new series :D

    1. Haha I totally feel that!!! Yessss...I find gossiping very boring too...though I guess those type of people will always be around T-T But yea, don't bother to care what other people say about you, they don't know you and they have no right to judge you~ Just remember you are always totally awesome! ^^ thanks for reading, I'm glad you like it :) will definitely do more~

  2. Lol that's very cool i love the alien childhood one haha :D

    1. Haha~ I'll always believe in aliens, alwaaaays XD

  3. Nerd, geek, freak... how much I hate that words! What's wrong about the stuff someone likes or not? It does really need a tag to name people who is interested in something else than drinking, hang out, dance, take drugs and gossiping? Why nobody talks about soccer nerds, beer geeks or dance freaks? Well, really, remove that words from your dictionary... they shouldn't be there.
    Look I was like you when younger. I even got hit and punch by other children just because I was preferring to stay drawing comics or playing RPGs rather than joining soccer matches at breaks or hang out and get drunk. But I didn't give up and kept doing what I liked, and later, while the rest were keeping wasting their money in parties, drinks and gossiping, I was traveling around Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, discovering the world through my own interests, and NO, I didn't DIE ALONE, I even got a japanese girlfriend who liked playing Playstation even more than me, which I enjoyed a lot, and later I married to a Chinese girl and now I have a 3 yro boy who likes DORAEMON! OK?!?
    Haha so nice to meet amazing people like you Mina, if I met you some years ago sure I would have ask you to marry me! Haha ^^
    I'm happy to be your friend, keep doing what you want, keep being who you are, I like you a lot.
    Your friend from the opposite side of the world T-T

    1. ^^ I see your comment here too~ Thank you again