Sunday, August 24, 2014

Anime doll inspired makeup

Hiiiiiii guys!!! As you probably already knew or guessed, yes I am a fan of anime! So I've decided to do an anime doll inspired makeup video^^ I love those dolly eyes that anime girls or dolls had, and I thought I might as well try to create them XD I'd say I still hope to improve on this one as I'm actually not too familiar with "fake eyelashes" realm at this stage, but I wish to master it completely one day though!! I actually really regret that I didn't try cosplay when I was younger...even though I went to so many anime cons...*Sigh* Buuuuut! It's never too late right??? Haha~ yes I do plan to make a cosplay video in the future sometimes, so I guess this is a good practice^^ Hope you guys will enjoy this, and of course any feedbacks or suggestions are truly welcomed (or cosplay tips!!).

Thanks for watching then!! Hope you guys enjoyed it^^

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