Friday, August 29, 2014

Jigoku Shoujo anime inspired nail design and BornPrettyStore nail art product review

Hello everyone^^ Thanks to BornPrettyStore, today I'll be reviewing another beautiful nail art product from them. This set of dried flower nail decorations came in 12 small containers with screw-on lids, and there were about 3-5 pieces of dried flowers in each container. The colours were selected randomly, and I actually really liked all the colours that I've received.

In this design, I have used 3 different dried flowers of white, red and pink colours. As you can see from the above picture, the colours were quite vivid which was a feature that I preferred. The design and sizes actually do vary, as I noticed the red ones came in smaller pieces than the others and was more bundled up.

Because the dried flowers are quite delicate, thus it's better if you break them carefully. What I did was holding the bundled piece with the tweezer on one hand while pulling each of the individual flowers off with my fingers on the other hand. After you break them, there may be leftover bits of petals, although you can always keep these broken petals for different designs (like how I did the ring and pinky nails here). I've applied small amount of top coat first, and then settled the flowers into their position with a tweezer. Another layer of top coat could be applied to secure their positions, although I do recommend to only apply a little bit around the corners so that the flowers don't appear completely flat.

I've then done this nail art based on inspirations from one of my favourite anime called "Jigoku Shoujo" or "Hell girl".

There's a special type of flower which appeared many times in the anime, and I believe it's called "Lycoris radiata". I loved its bright red colour when they blossom under the night sky, that strong contrast really created a deep impression and mysterious feeling. I've heard this flower and and their leaves can never co-exist, so most of the time you'll only see the flower itself. In addition, this flower did have a legend behind it...apparently they were believed to be grown on the road after death, and their scents had the power to remind people of their past lifes' memories. Call me weird, but I honestly found it extremely beautiful in a way.

Thanks again to BornPrettyStore for sending me this nail art product for review, and I've attached a 10% voucher here if anyone's interested in browsing around their web store.

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