Thursday, September 4, 2014

Japanese snack haul - Rilakkuma, Kumamon, Pokemon, Hello Kitty and more

Hello everyone!!! For those who doesn't know, I'm actually becoming a "Mrs" this weekend with my loooong engaged fiance (LOL), soooo I'm just posting my last video before going away until mid October T^T Feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram for updated pictures on my trip!!!

Recently I've been really addicted to Japanese snacks so I started searching for them within my local areas. A little while ago I found a local Asian grocery market that had a whole shelf dedicated to Japanese snacks so I bought myself a handful^^ I simply couldn't resist the cute packaging and the creativeness of those snacks...regardless of how they taste like LOL (Fortunately they actually all tastes good!) Anyways, here's a picture of what I have bought:

I have to say my favourite is probably the bakeable Kit Kat! It tastes almost like Praline! Something very nice and different^^ mmm my least quite hard since I liked them all...but the sushi soft candy is probably not as outstanding as the others.

That's all for now!! Hope you guys will enjoy the video as well and I'll be back soooooon~ gonna miss ya all <333



  1. Wow~ Those snacks look so yummy! Especially the bake-able kitkat! I've never seen that before lol Lovely post <3
    I'd love it if we could follow each other on GFC! Let me know if you follow me, so I can follow you right back~

    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

    1. Haha yeaaa it was my first time trying the bake-able kitkat and it was really good XD Thanks for reading hehe and yep I've followed ya^^

  2. I also can't resist japanese candies and snacks! They amaze me in so many different ways, the packaging, the concept, the taste... can't help but want to try them all! The bakeable Kit Kat seems to be really good, I need to try it one day! Also I need to watch your video soon, keep it up Mina! And congrats, have a nice time on your trip, I'm sure you will! ^_^ ~

    1. Haha I knooooow~~ so addictive XD yaaa you shall try the bake-able kit kat one day, it was actually pretty good if you love caramel sort of taste :D I've actually just uploaded a Halloween makeup video hehe thank you so much for reading/watching and all ya support!!