Monday, November 17, 2014

Jill Stuart (Velvet Crystal Eyes #08 Amalia Tutu) eye shadow palette review

Hi guys^^ So a while ago, I stopped over at Hong Kong during my trip and bought quite a few Asian and cute cosmetics while I was there. I have mainly shopped in Etude House, SaSa and some department stores, and I managed to pick up this JillStuart eye shadow palette in which I have always wanted! ^^

They had so many different palettes there and I had such a hard time choosing which colour combination I wanted...but in the end, I bought number 8 Amalia Tutu. This palette was from the 2014 Spring collection so it was actually quite old, but nevertheless it had really pretty and versatile colours. The box was in pastel pink (yep, SOLD! lol) along with lacy line around the title, it was such a perfect design!

The palette itself comes in silver cover with transparent bottom, and I totally fell in love with the shape and design of the palette as it reminded me of something luxe, sparkly and princess-like.

After you opened the cover, you will see a really handy mirror, the eye shadows and a double-ended brush. It comes with 4 colours from pink beige, rose, rose gold and dark brown, and the concept of these colours would be like laying rose petals onto your eyelids and created the feeling of spring. Apart from the colours, I loved the fact that JillStuart eye shadow palettes comes with an infused floral fragrance, which really brought out an luxurious feeling when you apply the eye shadows. The eye shadows glided onto my eyelids so smoothly, and I loved how much depth that the dark brown shade could create. The brush also made it very easy to apply as I used the bigger end for the eyelids and smaller ends for the edges and lining.


As you can see, the pink beige and dark brown colourscame with very small amount of glitter, while the rose and rose gold colours were quite shimmery with multi-coloured glitter.

Here's a "Before and After" photo of application:

I have used the pink beige colour to highlight under my eyebrows, then a wide application of the rose colour over my eyelids. After that I have applied the rose gold colour from the outer corner of my eyes towards about half way of my eyelids, and finally lining the outer corners and lash lines (both top and bottom) with the dark brown colour. I found the final look was very natural and subtle, it would be perfect for everyday wear or a casual date. The eye shadow lasted a whole day for me and I hardly noticed any smudges of the glitters.

Overall I would totally recommend JillStuart's eye shadow to everyone, they are perfect for daily wear and it's really easy to apply. Although I have to say it is quite expensive comparing to some other palettes I've seen, and the range of shades are not as much as the others too. But if you are merely looking for something very simple and good for beginners, this could be the one you wanted to get your hands on! However, it could be difficult to buy depending on where you are. A reliable site I can actually recommend would be Strawberry Net (I personally bought tons of stuffs from them for several years), as they recently introduced JillStuart brand into their website and it's also free shipping worldwide! ^^

- Long-lasting
- Easy to apply
- Relatively less smudge
- Sweet scent
- Versatile and natural colours
- Luxe packaging
- Comes with mirror and double-ended brush
- Good for beginners
- Suitable for all skin types

- Relatively expensive
- Limited shades in the palette
- May be too light for night-out occasions
- Can be hard to purchase

Strawberry Net:

***This review is not sponsored, I have bought all products by myself and all review are solely based on my personal opinion***

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