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KawaiiBox Review (November 2014)

Hi guys^^ I have always wanted to try a subscription box, simply because of the excitement I'd feel from waiting to receive a bunch of surprises! So when I was selected as the reviewer of the month for November 2014, you could imagine how happy I was (WOOOHOOO!).

What is KawaiiBox?

"Kawaii Box is the cutest monthly subscription service. Subscribe Now and receive a box filled with hand-picked kawaii items from Japan and Korea directly to your home every month. Your box will be shipped in the beginning of each month and the shipping is absolutely free, anywhere on the planet! Each box includes 10-12 cute, original and licensed kawaii items." (from KawaiiBox)

With the price at $18.90/month, I'd say it's relatively cheaper than the other ones I've seen (snack subscriptions), plus it's free international shipping :D Apart from buying this box for yourself, they also have a gift option of 3 months subscription which could be a great idea for someone's birthday ^^

Ok so here's my video of unboxing the KawaiiBox from November 2014:

The box itself is actually quite simple with a label that says "KawaiiBox" and a chubby smiley face^^ I'd say there's definitely chances for further changes to the box's appearance to make it more appealing to the customers, perhaps even in colour or patterns. The shipping usually takes about 2 weeks to arrive depending on where you are, for me this has arrived just after 1 week to Sydney Australia.

Now let's move onto the items! In this box, I have received 10 items in total which is pretty good^^

The first item I saw was this "OMG" pink keyring. I quite liked this as this was something I say quite often (LOL!) so it will be perfect to display a bit of my personality XD I could definitely see myself hanging this onto my bags.

Next is this box of chocolate Pocky! OMG (here I go again XD) I just love snacks and I definitely love Pocky!!! I actually ate this straight after the review and it was sweet and crunchy^^ Mmmm...I just looooove snacks I tell ya!

The next one was a small roll of decoration paper which would be suitable to use for craft ideas such as for scrapbook pages etc. I love the pink colour and the lace bow design, although this is probably something I'd use less often...maybe I can attach them on letters, envelopes or on my diary when I wanted to add a "Kawaii" feel.

Next I saw this Pusheen Cat keyring with 2 different key chains, it came in a pale yellow colour. As much as I loved this cute keyring, it seems like one of the ear didn't pop up as much as the other one so it appeared to look like it's missing. The quality of this item can definitely improve but nevertheless it's still an adorable one :)

When I saw this lying inside the box, I was like "YESSSSSS"! Mainly because I always seen people wearing those anime/cartoon looking socks but never got the chance to get one for myself. Thus I was quite excited to see this Sanrio character sox of "My Melody"! Later I tried this one on and it was a very soft and comfortable pair of ankle socks.

Here is another item that I was very excited about, and I just couldn't get my eyes of it! This was a mobile chain of a macaron in light blue colour with a range of colourful decorations on the top. It was really cute and the quality was excellent! Although this might be a little heavy for me to carry as a mobile chain so I probably end up hanging it on a bag or purse^^ Definitely one of my favourite item!

I then found this bracelet which is in the form of a zipper! How funky^^ I love unique things like this~ So you can actually wear it 2 ways either as double (unzipped) or single (zipped up) bracelet. I also love the colour combination of light blue and pink^^

The next one if probably my favourite item out of all, it was just so adorable and also something I really needed at the moment. This 2015 mini calendar can be stood up and placed on your desk, and I already found a perfect spot to place it beside my computer^^ The calendar actually starts from November 2014 till December 2015 which is great as we still have 2 more months left in the year. There will be a difference face printed on each month and some of the faces really made me laugh XD I totally loved this item and will definitely use it every month!

Next item was this puffy Panda sticker which comes in different expressions and movements. I really liked this as it was 3D and they were really cute as well. I would definitely use them on my notebook or letters and I'm sure this will bright up anyone's day just by looking at them.

The last item was this small sticky note that came in 2 different designs. I found this pretty helpful when you need to leave a quick note or reminder for yourself or other people.

Here's a picture of all the items included in November 2014 KawaiiBox. Now I would say for each box there will definitely be "hits" and "misses", as some will exceed your expectations and some will be under. From this box, I can point out the mini calendar, the macaron mobile chain and the sox as the items I loved this most. Whereas the decoration paper was something I won't use often, and the Pusheen Cat keyring's quality was a bit under my expectation. Though for the fun experience and value, I would still recommend this subscription box especially if you love cute items. Also another thing is that not all the items in every box for the month will be the same, as I've seen others with purple Pusheen Cat keyring and sox with different design, however they still end up with the same value.

I personally think it's very exciting to wait for something special every month, to me these subscription boxes are like boxes of happiness^^

Thanks for reading/watching!!

If you guys are interested in getting your own KawaiiBox, you can visit their website as below:
Or you might like to browse Blippo website (use "kawaiilove" for 10% discount):

*Please note that all reviews were solely based on my personal opinions

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