Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rilakkuma Haul from TaoBao

Hello all the lovely readers, I have a confession to make: I. Am. Obessed. With. Cute. Things!!! LOL like...I'm sure you already noticed that!!! :P

Anyways, hihi, today I want to show you guys my Rilakkuma haul from TaoBao a little while ago. I am a big fan of Rilakkuma (and pretty much all other cute characters too!!!) and I love collecting cute things~ So here it is..........

For all these stuffs I bought from above, their total price was about $23AUD (approx $20USD) which ended up approximately $30AUD (approx $25USD) after shipping and agent service fees. I got 15 items (also got another chicken earphone plug) altogether and they gave me a sticker and a felt pen as gifts (Bottom left corner).

Now I must say I was quite happy with this shop and the quality of their products! I actually had some bad experiences buying on TaoBao before due to the mismatch of qualities (ie. items turned out different to the photos). But the products from this shop turned out exactly the same as it appeared on the website^^

I was happy with most of the products that I've bought, except that the Rilakkuma from the mobile earphone plug came off after 2 days and the chicken mobile earphone plug had slightly uneven eyes (LOL cute in a way?! XD). Other than those, all the other products were in really good quality and all the prints of Rilakkuma/Chicken were clear and genuine (Perhaps the only one that looked a little funny was the one on the brown chocolate mirror but it wasn't too bad). In addition, I was glad to have received a Rilakkuma sticker and a purple felt pen as gifts^^

PS. If you guys hope to see which TaoBao agent I used to purchase things from TaoBao and how I ordered them, then feel free to comment below and let me know ^^

Shall see ya all next time!!!

Rilakkuma Taobao website:

*These items and this post were not sponsored, all products were purchased on my own and all reviews were solely based on personal opinions.

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