Thursday, November 6, 2014

Strawberry Milk "OK" MV inspired nails & BornPrettyStore nail decoration review

Hi guys, thanks to BornPrettyStore, today I'll be reviewing this really adorable nail art decoration of "white 3D flower". I received them in a small plastic bag in which contained 30 pieces with each of them measuring about 9mm. As you can see from the picture, they can possibly fit on all my nails except for the pinky and they appear really elegant with that "pearl" look.

This time, I decided to use this nail art decoration on my middle finger to fit the design. I found the product can be quite slippery, so it may be a little difficult to handle with a tweezer. If you have seen my video (as below), you would know that to apply this is actually very easy.

1. Apply nail glue on your nail
2. Use a tweezer (or your fingers) to place the flower onto the nail
3. Gently tap it to secure its place

And then...

TA-DA! You get this as below:

Some people may wish to apply clear nail polish to stick on the flower, however, in this case I probably recommend nail glue over clear nail polish. The reason is that the flower is 3D so the edge won't stay flat on the nail, thus making it easy to slip off if you only apply clear nail polish. Also please do keep in mind that everyone has different nail shape and nail size, so while this fit on most of my fingers, they may only fit on the thumb for some people :D

Again I'm very happy with this product ^^ Other than using this decoration on the nails, I reckon they are also great for craft or mobile decorations.

I hope you guys liked this nail art and the review, and if you are curious of what "OK" MV looked like, you can watch the video here :)

Unfortunately I was a little late with this review (sorry >o<) so this product is already sold out on BornPrettyStore, but do feel free to check out their other nail art products and here's a coupon for you guys if needed ;)

Thanks for reading guys, and here's my video on this design:

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*Please note that all reviews were solely based on my personal opinions.

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