Sunday, November 23, 2014

Take me to your heart (2) - How to deal with "jealousy"?

Throughout our lives, I'm sure we have come across many circumstances where either we become jealous of someone or someone else was jealous of us. They might be due to the fact that one person was better at study and grades, who had the perfect body shape, lived a more luxurious life, had a more loving family or gained more popularity. Whatever the reason was, "jealousy" has always existed.

So today I do hope to share some of my thoughts and hopefully help people out there to deal with "jealousy". How about let's have a look at this picture that I have drawn quite awhile ago?

Let's start with this simple scenario:

There has always been this student in a class who has aced almost every single exam and always shining brightly under the spotlight. Others then become jealous, as this "straight A" student always stole all the attention and glory. 

Now I want you to think about this:

Have you ever wondered about the scenes behind the spotlight?

What you saw was their moment of victory, and you probably never thought how much hard work and suffering that the person has experienced before the victory, nor have you ever thought that they might have failures in other aspects of their lives. 

When a person seemed to achieve high scores on almost every exam, they probably studied 5 hours a day and 7 days a week. When a person seemed to be so talented, they probably practiced nights and days to achieve that level of talent. When a person seemed so rich that they could afford anything in the world, they probably never had a happy childhood because her/his parents were too busy working. When a person seemed to have the perfect figure, they probably spent hours at the gym to work on their bodies.

People would probably say...I have seen someone who is absolutely perfect, they have everything in the world. No, the truth is they don't and they probably will never show you what they don't have in life. The truth is, everyone has their imperfections. While you think this person is perfect, she/he is probably thinking the same thing about someone else.

People might also say...I have seen someone who is never jealous of others. Why? Not because they have an awesome life that's so perfect. It's because they learnt the ultimate reason to not be jealous at others, that is, be satisfied with your own life

The funny thing is, when we were jealous at others, we probably never thought that others might have been jealous at us too! We may complain about how we are not beautiful, but we never know that we are such hotties in some people's eyes. We may complain about how we are not rich and can't afford the things we want, but we forget that we can always afford the things we need such as food and water. We may complain about how we never have a caring family, but we don't realise that we still have good friends and others who care about us.

While we look at someone's life and what they have, we tend to forget what we have in our lives

In some cases, these "jealousy" can become so strong that they eventually develop into bullying, and some people choose to put other people down so that they can feel better. I have seen people who have done that, and trust me, they will never be the wonderful person that they could have been. The thing I realised was, those people were never happy and never would be. They put too much focus on comparing their lives with others, and they will continue to find new targets to compare with. Life is not about that, and it should never be. 

So for all the people out there...before you get really jealous at someone...
Pause, Think, Stop comparing and Be content with life.

I really do hope all of you will live in happiness, not bitterness. Believe me, people look so much more beautiful when they smile and be grateful with their lives.

Thanks for reading everyone :) You are welcome to share your opinions and thoughts^^

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