Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas nail art - BornPrettyStore review (Water decals transfer sticker)

Hi everyone^^ Again it's almost Christmas and I've decided to do a Christmas nail art today. Thanks to BornPrettyStore who sent me this beautiful piece of Christmas water decals transfer sticker, and I'm going to show you how to apply it in my video as well so do check it out^^

This particular nail art product actually came in 6 different patterns, and I have picked the one which suited the size of my nails the most. The sticker arrived in a lovely black polka dot packaging, and it also had a simple instruction on the back.

It came in a single sheet with a layer of clear film over the patterns. These patterns were very clear with fine edges, and also the colour was accurate and vivid.

In order to apply the patterns onto your nails, you can follow the steps below (from BornPrettyStore product website):

1.Trim, clean and polish the fingernails; paint the background colour on the fingernails and dry it out*. 
2. Remove the film of product,cut out the pattern and plunge it into water 10-20 seconds**. 
3. Moisten the fingernails, stick the pattern in position***. 
4. Sop up the water with a paper towel and blow dry****.
5. Cap with clear nail polish and blow dry. 

*You can use a buffer to clean the surface of your nails, this make sure the stickers can be applied flat and neatly onto your nails to avoid any little bumps from dusts etc.

**You don't need to cut the patterns out perfectly, ie. right on the edges. After you soak the stickers into water, they will come off from the paper layer after 10-20 seconds. You can then use a tweezers to pick up the stickers and apply them onto your nails, and secure their positions by gently tapping them with the tweezers

***The only frustrating thing that I found was that these sticker tend to curl up after you take them out of water, so lumps or misplacement can occur when they land on your nails. One tip is to secure one edge/corner of the sticker first and then slowly tap the rest onto your nails.

****I have skipped the "blow dry"steps in my video, this really depends on whether you needed quicker application (ie. if you are running out of time, I'd recommend blow dry afterwards). 

Thanks again to BornPrettyStore for sending me this product for review. Overall I was really happy with this water decals transfer sticker due to the reason that they were so quick and easy to apply, and also looked perfectly neat on my nails. Also, the good things about these water decals is that they can also be removed easily with a normal nail polish remover too! ^^

If you are doing last-minute nail preparation for a party or event, I'd highly recommend this product. Also feel free to add a bit extras to make the design more outstanding, such as glitters, rhinestones, or fancy stripe tapes. You can apply the stickers on all your nails, or simply put on one nail to make it look special on its own. Just select the patterns that fit on your nails perfectly so they don't go over the edges or appear too small to be seen! :D

If you are interested in this nail art product, feel free to use the voucher below for BornPrettyStore website:

Here's the video I did for this nail art:


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*Please note that all reviews were solely based on my personal opinions.

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