Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Europe Vlog

Hey everyone^^ I'm finally back on Youtube!!

Today I decided to show you guys a vlog of my Europe trip with my hubby in 2014. It was the longest trip we've ever had and certainly was a great experience! I remembered when I was young, I always dreamed of going to Europe one day...it's has always been a magical destination to me, just like a fairytale.

When a dream come true, what does that feel like?

I think I was almost in tears when I saw the places from my dreams.

So while you watch this vlog, I also wanted to deliver a personal message to all of you guys:
"Never be afraid to chase a dream, no matter how challenging it seems. Believe in it, and one day you will get there. Once you do, don't forget to thank all the people who have been there for you along the way, and do share your wonderful moments with them."

It's a new year of 2015, I wish all of your dreams come true :)

Thanks for watching guys, and I really appreciate all your support in 2014 :) Hope to see ya all around in 2015 too!!

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