Thursday, January 1, 2015

Vintage Rose nail art and BornPrettyStore review

First of all...


I have another BornPrettyStore nail art review for the first day of 2015 ^^

I've received a pair of 7mm 3D pink rose nail decoration from BornPrettyStore earlier. They actually came in 12 different colours, but ofcourse I had to pick PINK! XD They were in really good quality with clean edges and the colour appeared exactly as it was shown on the website. The roses were plastic, and they were covered with a smooth layer of clear glaze.

So here are the list of tools and nail polish that I've used for this nail art:

 From left to right: Pink nail rhinestone, Dotting tool, Tweezer

Now I'm going to show you the steps:

1. Apply base coat

2. Apply base colour (I used a mint green nail polish)

3. Paint your index, middle and pinky fingers with white polka dot. Simply just use a dotting tool (or tooth pick) and white nail polish.

4. Apply the pink rose nail art decoration on the ring finger:
- Apply top coat
- Drop a dot of nail glue in the middle of the nail
- Use a tweezer and place the rose onto the nail glue
- Secure its position by gently tapping on the rose with the tweezer

5. Draw small flowers and apply the pink rhinestones onto the thumb:
- Draw flower shape with a pink nail polish (1 big and 2 small flowers)
- Draw white dots on the middle of the pink flowers
- Start applying the rhinestones with a tweezer as below (middle of the big flower and all around your thumb nail)

6. Apply top coat on all nails

Ta-Da! All done!!! ^^

Thanks to BornPrettyStore for sending me this pretty nail art decoration, they actually fitted perfectly onto my nails as well (I have quite short nails in here). I feel that this nail art decoration makes a really beautiful nail design, especially in combination with polka dots, rhinestones, glitters or stripes. For a more edgy look, I'd recommend red roses on black nails, and you can even try white rose for a bridal nail art. Although one thing that people may need to be aware of is that they are 3D nail decorations, so you may have to be a little careful when you move the nail around. Thus I really do recommend applying nail glue instead of clear nail polish to fully secure their place.

In addition, don't limit their usage merely on nails as they can be great decorations on your phone cases or glass frames.

If you are interested in this nail art, feel free to use this voucher on BornPrettyStore website:

Thanks for reading guys! Wish you all happiness in 2015 ^^


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