Tuesday, February 17, 2015

BornPrettyStore nail art stamping tools review (PART 2)

Hihi^^ I'm back for Part 2 of the stamping nail art blog post and this time I'm reviewing the BornPrettyStore stamping nail art tools.

So here we have a stamper and a scraper which comes in a set. The stamper comes in black and white colour, and the rubbery part was extra squishy. They were both around 3-4cm which makes it quite easy to hold onto. 

I found the edge of the rubbery part of the stamper did pop out once or twice, although it wasn't a big issue as they can be easily pushed back on. The scraper was sharp enough to even out the nail polish.

These are the essential tools used for stamping nail art, and you can check out Part 3 of this blog post (Coming soon) to see how to use them^^

Thanks to BornPrettyStore for this product, and you can use this voucher below if you are interested in browsing on their website^^

Part 3 of this nail art is coming very soon!!! :D

Thanks for reading^^


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