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Chinese New Year nail art and BornPrettyStore stamping plate review (PART 3)

Hi guys! As promised, here's part 3 with my newest nail art! Mmmm...you know what it is? It's a nail art for Chinese New Year!!! In addition, I'm going to teach you guys how to write "Happiness" in Chinese today too XD

The main part of this nail design is the stamping nail art and the Chinese character, I have also matched the base colors of Red and Gold to the theme of Chinese New Year^^

So here are all the tools and nail polishes I've used for this nail art:

Here are the stamping nail art tools that I have received from BornPrettyStore, which included a stamping plate, stamper, scraper and a white nail polish especially used for stamping nail art:

I actually really adore the patterns on this stamping plate, purely because it has cute pandas and anime-looking designs on it^^ Although...the 3 larger designs are 15 x 20mm in size, which means they are probably too big for my nails at the moment. For people who have short nails like me, you can use part of the bigger designs on your nails or simply just use the smaller designs. In this nail art, I will only be using the panda head at the left hand side of the plate.

Let's start with base coat on all our nails^^

Then we can paint on the base colours! I've used red and gold colors here to represent happiness and prosperity for Chinese New Year (Feel free to use a gold nail polish without glitters, as I simply prefer a more sparkling look).

Ok now let's see the steps involved in stamping nail art:

Step 1: Drop a few nail polish (especially made for stamping nail art) onto the desirable design on the stamping plate.

Step 2: Quickly scrape off the excessive nail polish with the scraper.

Step 3: Immediately press the stamper in a gentle rolling motion to pick up the design.

Step 4: Stamp the design onto your nail with a gentle rolling motion.

TA-DA!!! Here we are!! You can then apply a layer of top coat to secure its position (middle finger nail).

As much as I love the idea of stamping nail art, I have to admit that it didn't go as smoothly as I hoped. This does take a lot of practise to get it perfect, and I guess you have to do all the steps as quickly and gently as you can. One thing I do want to share about stamping nail art is...I found it's probably easier to get a stamping plate that doesn't have too much designs on them, or find ones with bigger space in between each design. This way the scraping process shall be a lot more smooth and neat. Also, I felt that it could've been better if a darker colour nail polish was used...I found the white colour nail polish wasn't as suitable here for these designs.

Ok! Let's have a look at the ring finger nail...and I'm going to teach you exactly how to write the word "Happiness"!

The word "Happiness" (pronounced as "Fu" in Mandarin) is the most common word you will see in Chinese New Year. They were often written on red diamond shaped papers with black ink in a calligraphy style, and people then place them onto their doors for decoration. Sometimes you may also see them being placed upside down, this is because "upside down" has the same pronunciation as "coming" in Chinese. Therefore, when you place "Happiness" upside down, it is often interpreted as "Happiness is coming".

As for my thumb, I have drawn a golden ingot (or golden bar). These were used as Chinese currency in the olden days, and nowadays they have developed as a symbol for rich and prosperity.

Alrighty^^ That's all for today's nail art, I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post~ Even though I don't really celebrate Chinese New Year here, but this year Sydney seemed to have several events for this festival! Oh and yessss...I will be eating homemade dumplings...HEHE^^

Thanks to BornPrettyStore for this product, and you can use this voucher below if you are interested in browsing their website^^

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