Thursday, February 26, 2015

My dress collection - Liz Lisa, Forecast, Forever new, Asian fashion

Hihi everyone^^ Have you seen "My Dress collection" video on my Youtube channel yet? Today I'm going to show you some of my dresses and a little bit about each of them^^ (LOL I was very sick when I filmed this video, so...I looked a little pale XD)

Ok let's start!

This dress was given to me as a present from my mother-in-law from Korea, and I fell in love with the floral prints as soon as I got it^^ I often wear this dress with lacy white socks and a pair of oxford shoes.

This was a Liz Lisa dress I bought from Tokyo in 2014 winter, and I totally loved the lacy part of the dress :) I bought this from Liz Lisa in Shibuya 109, and that time they had a sale on so it was around 3-4k yen XD I'm not exactly sure which collection this dress was from, it was pretty warm so I'm guessing it was from a winter collection (maybe 2013 winter? let me know if you knew^^). 

I bought this dress during the same trip in Tokyo, and this was from "Earth Music & Ecology". I really love how soft the material was and the loose fitting. 

This was a dress I've bought from a local shop called "Nepal handicraft" in Newtown. I fell in love with this little handmade dress with perfectly dyed colors, and I tend to wear this a lot during Autumn season.

I saw this in Hong Kong and it actually didn't attract my attention until I tried it on. Somehow I quite liked the color combination on this dress as well as the lacy trim.

This was something I bought quite randomly in an outlet, and I actually never imagined myself wearing a off-shoulder sort of dress. But!!! The print on this dress totally grabbed my attention as it reminded me of those old Chinese watercolor paintings...therefore, SOLD!

I was looking for something to wear to a cocktail party when I spotted this one from an Australian fashion store called "Forecast". I have always loved red and black color combination so this was pretty much an immediate purchase XD Also I really loved the design of this dress as it looked sophisticated.

I bought this dress from an outlet in Milan, and it was pretty much love at first sight. I couldn't resist the lacy details and the layering of the dress, also somehow I just tend fall in love with blue/navy dresses more often.

Oh ofcourse I will have a Little Black Dress! I bought this one from an Aussie fashion store called "Forever new". This was quite a perfect fitting and it looked very elegant with a golden belt (see video), although the only thing is it's actually a little heavy.

It was a really hot day in Athens and I saw this white dress at a street market. I actually really needed something like this to wear to a beach, and it totally fit in with the view of Santorini right?

This was one of my oldest dress inwhich I just couldn't let go of. I bought this dress from a shopping mall in China and have been loving it for quite a long time. I find it can be dressed up or down, and leopard print on a red dress? YES PLEASE!

This was a dress I saw in Korea, and it looked very elegant to me when I first saw it. I usually would wear this to High Tea or a fancy brunch, and it goes quite well with most of my accessories/shoes.

I actually can't remember where I got this from but it was a store inside Westfield. I bought this when peplum dress was really popular and it was perfect for work wear and parties (Also hide the belly too LOL).

I bought this little dress on the same trip in Korea, and it appeared to me that a lot of Korean girls would've wore similar kind of dress. I like how the dress make you look more slim and feminine.

Here's another dress I bought from "Forecast" and it's more for casual everyday wear. Though I haven't wore this dress as much somehow...maybe I should start paying more attention to it^^

This was a dress I bought from TaoBao. It was still at full price when I saw it, and I waited and bought it when it went on sale later on. I just love the patterns on this dress, and I also find the style to be similar to a dress that a French woman wore back in Paris (LOL I was fully admiring how French women dressed).

That's it!!! As a female, my wardrobe is forever growing...which means...there will be more collections in the future!!! What type of collection would you like to see????

Thanks for reading and watching^^ See ya next time!


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