Thursday, February 12, 2015

Take me to your heart (3) - Valentine's Day special

Valentine's Day is almost here and I really want to wish you all a "Happy Valentine's Day"! Speaking of Valentine's Day, no doubt the topics of love, relationship and being single will appear. So today I'd like to share with you some of the relationship issues I have seen or experienced in the past...

Too nervous/shy and not being yourself in front of the person you like.

I think a lot of people would have seen or experienced this at some stage of their lives, it's probably the most common problem that I've heard. Don't worry, I've been there too! >< At those time, questions like "What should I say/do?", "Am I boring?", "Why did he look at me like that?" have popped up for me. I think we were way too focused on making the other person happy or presenting the best of ourselves, and we often forget to be ourselves. I still remember once I tried to think of an interesting topic to say and after 3 hours it turned out something like "what will you do if you were a caterpillar?" Yea, you get what I mean! Then I would spend another 3 hours wondering if I have embarrassed myself and there goes the whole date. LOL ( Youth XD). After a few failures, I started to realise the best way is to just stop worrying and start being who you really are. In the end, you want people to fall in love with who you truly are and you want them to know both of you shall put equal efforts to make each other happy. By being yourself, it makes the other person relax and perhaps can open up more to conversations. 

Don't be afraid that the other person may find you boring, stupid, etc (Besides, if they really do, then you'll know they are definitely not the right one), don't think too long to come up with something to say/do, and just be natural and be yourself.

Feeling lonely even though you are in a relationship

This is definitely a big NO-NO and a very terrible sign if you ever feel this way. Trust me, if you are with the right one, you'd never EVER feel lonely. Your gf/bf shall never make you wait, never be cold to you, never leave you in tears, and never abandon you when you are in trouble. Instead, they shall always make you feel comfortable, safe, loved, appreciated, respected and cared for, and they'd do anything to put a smile on your face. If you are in a lonely relationship, it's better off if you break up and find someone who truly appreciates you. 

Don't be in a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship, sometimes being single is way better than being in a bad relationship. 

Long distance relationship - will it work?

This is probably something that come up here and there and we all wondered whether it will work out. You can't always reach the other person when you need to, and sometimes a tiny misunderstanding can easily break off the bond. Perhaps you can use phones or computers to keep in touch, but sometimes all you really want is probably just a hug. After that long distance call, you felt you never wanted to hang up. Even after you hang up, you always hold your phone and stared into the space for a while. You gently touched the face of your loved one on the computer screen, and hoping you could feel some warmth but there was nothing. Those are the feelings we might experience in a long distance relationship, yet we always kept a hope that one day, things will be different. The truth is, I've seen that 90% of the time these relationships will break apart due to distrust and loneliness (especially at young age). The only way it might work is that one of you are willing to make a sacrifice and move closer. Although if a long distance relationship does work out, I usually find the couple will stay together forever or a longer time. 

I felt that long distance relationship is probably one of the biggest challenge, and those who passed the challenge shall be able to deal with other difficulties in life more successfully together.

Being single

With Valentine's Day coming up, I'm not sure how many of you may feel a little sad because you are single. But guess what? There are so many reasons to be just as happy as being in a relationship. I actually have been single for quite a long time before, and I felt it gives you the freedom of doing things for yourself, meeting people and spending more time with friends, and the chance to understand more about yourself and your needs. Those times being single are actually quite precious, and it won't be the same once you are in a relationship. Though of course you'd feel a bit lonely when you see your friends paired up or you saw some really sweet couples, and you probably wondered if one day you'll be like that too. I also hear people who complain about how they probably will stay single forever, which I never believed to be true. I had a strong faith there will always be someone out there in this world who was born to meet you and be with you. 

Don't have unrealistic standards (I know, we all want to marry a hot celebrity XD), be willing to go and meet different people, and understand the fact that a happy relationship involves a lot of efforts and maybe sacrifices. GOOD LUCK on finding your own fairytale!

Ok that's all I had for today ^^ I'd love to hear some of your opinions and thoughts though, so please feel free to comment in the comment box below and let me know. Thank you so much for reading this everyone, and again I wish you all a "Happy Valentine"! Just remember no matter what, keep that beautiful smile/handsome grin on your face as always^^

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