Tuesday, March 31, 2015

40 Expressions TAG

Hi all^^ Today I wanted to show you guys something different...like...VERY different?!?! LOL. It's a "40 expressions" TAG video! I don't know about you guys...maybe because I'm a big Anime fan so I tend to have a few expressions similar to Anime characters XD

If you guys seen this video, then you've pretty much seen 90% of me in real life LOL (I can be really...non-girly sometimes, like seriously...) Consider yourself lucky because I only show those expressions in front of people who are really close to me XD Haha but yea, I hope you guys will enjoy this video and have a laugh about it. After all, laughing is the best expression out of all right?

Thanks for watching guys! Hope I didn't scare you too much (if I did...TOO BAD LOL).

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