Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My nail polish, accessories and tools collection

Hey guyssss!!! How are you all doing today? XD I have just uploaded a video on Youtube of my nail polish, accessories and tools collection^^

Actually...now I realised most of my nail polish are from the brand "Essence" LOL I simply loved that brand as it's affordable and I found the brushes are quite easy to apply. As with decorations and accessories, I tend to use a lot of nail stickers for everyday use ^^ Just because it's so quick and simple to apply and they look really cute on the nails!

I got most of the tools and decorations from Taobao as they were really cheap to buy, and I also got some samples from BornPrettyStore before for reviews. There are so many different kind of decorations for nail art out there, and I get really excited even just looking at them!!! LOL XD (Anyone else like me?)

Anywayssss...here is the video...

Thanks for watching guys! I hope you all have a great day there ^^

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