Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Summer beach nails & BornPrettyStore review

Hey guys^^ Today I have a nail art inspired by summer beach! You guys probably already know, that the Aussies really love hanging out on the beach in summer time :D I have always enjoyed the sunshine, the sound of the ocean waves, the smooth sand and collecting shells~

Thanks to BornPrettyStore for the gold shell nail decorations, as they make a perfect addition to this nail design. They came in a packet of 10 and you could select either gold or silver colours. I loved the fact how it fits perfectly on the nails and how it's hollow-out to look more realistic. They were slightly curved so it would be easy to pick them up with a tweezer (you can probably apply it with your fingers too!). In this nail art, I have added some rhinestones around the shells to allow the shells stands out more and also giving the design a bit of sparkle.

So here are all the nail polishes and tools I've used for this nail art:

If you watched my video, you'd know I have applied the gradient layers of the sea with different nail polish. However, do feel free to replace this with easier methods such as using a sponge with 3 different colours (I simply find this way the colours tend to be stronger than the sponge menthod). I've also added blue glitters on the second layer of the sea, and this was because I wanted to depict the glitters of the sea from sun reflections. As with the white foams, I chose to use a cotton ball to roll on the nails as this gave quite a good texture similar to foams (remember to roll the cotton ball with white nail polish on a foil paper before rolling on your nails).

Overall I was happy with these gold shell nail decoration, the quality has been good as always. I found that they would've looked good both by themselves or along with other nail decorations.

Thank you to BornPrettyStore for the product^^ Feel free to use this voucher on their website:


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