Monday, April 6, 2015

Take me to your heart (4) - 4 ways to be happy

Hi guys, this is probably a topic that's mostly discussed throughout our lives, and today I'd like to share 4 ways in which have helped myself to be happy. I saw my friend Frmlemon wrote a post about "how to be happy"( on her blog and I thought I'd like to share some of my views too :) These may not necessary apply to all situation and people, but at least I hope some of you may find this helpful.

1. Don't be afraid of sad moments, pain and hardships in life.
I have always believed happiness is the most difficult emotion or feeling that you can achieve in life. Sometimes, you may have to reach there through the hard way. Believe it or not, often we have only learnt to feel happiness and appreciate them after we have experienced many sad or painful moments in life. The truth is, these bad times have helped us to grow, to understand, to discover, to reflect and to prepare. The easiest example I can give you is...imagine going through many bad relationships and breakups. You cried over and over again and almost given up on your happiness...but guess what? Because of those tears you shed, you learnt what's more suitable for you, you understood your mistakes and won't make them again, you know how to spot a bad person before you fell for them, and you learnt to become someone who is more capable to control your own happiness. At the time when you felt depressed, you might not realise these moments were actually the best gifts that life has given you. These life lessons have made you stronger, more capable, and more ready than ever. So that one day when you see your happiness, you will grab it without hesitation, hold it and appreciate it with all your life, and never ever let it go.

Don't be afraid, instead, you shall be thankful...after all, a perfect life is not just full of happy moments, but also the memorable moments that shapes who you are today.

2. Learn how to give and help others
This may not be a new idea anymore but it certainly still helped a lot of people out there to feel that sense of happiness and accomplishment. Sometimes, life is not all about what we can get out of it, but rather what we can give to it. I still remember the first time I volunteered to read books to children with disability at after school hours, and that feeling when I saw the beautiful smiles on their faces. I felt happiness, for real. Those moments when you helped someone and you knew you made a difference in their lives...even if it was just a little difference, you can still tell yourself it was all worth it. This type of happiness is not about yourself, but rather about the world around you.

The world is so big, and going out to see it will definitely make you realise how small your problems may be.

3. Live life as if tomorrow will be the end of the world
LOL I just have to laugh when I wrote this...I think this is probably an idea I've been using for all my life. Like you know, YOLO?! But hey, if this is the truth instead of a simple assumption, how would it change your life and perspectives? Would you still have time to shed those tears and drown yourself into miserable thoughts? When you knew you only have one day to live, you'd definitely do things you've always wanted to do and things that make you happy right? So why not make it happen now? Why wait till you seriously only have one day left to live? Pause your life for a minute, stop giving yourself excuses and just DO IT! LOL Life is short, you'd rather do something you love and fail than not doing it at all.

Your heart beat can never lie to you, so follow it and leave no regrets.

4. Appreciate and be thankful
I'm going to borrow this point from "FrmLemon", it is the most essential attitude you shall have in order to stay happy. Let's start by being thankful that you were born to this world, where you can learn, feel, experience, grow, love and live. Then let's be thankful of all the things we possess and all the people who care about us. We have the opportunities to eat great food, meet wonderful friends, spend time with people we love and co-exist with all the beautiful creations in this world. What more can we ask for?

Happiness is a feeling, and sometimes also a choice. We can either be miserable and be jealous of what others have, or stay happy by appreciate what we already had.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to this great friend with her wonderful post about happiness ( ^^

PS: Hope everyone had a good Easter!!!!

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