Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Update and My Melody Collaboration with BudgetHobby - Nail art and Sock plush

Hi everyone^^

Sorry that I haven't update here for soooooo long and I've been so busy with life for the last 2 weeks! (Baaahhh~~ sorry I missed a video for last week too ><) So in the future I plan to update on Dayre everyday...if you are curious of what I'm up to, then you can check out my Dayre @ Mintyminad^^ I will also try to update long posts on here...so maybe a future haul? review? etc ohhh~~ by the way, I do have a few exciting things coming up, such as Ank Rouge's happy bag reveal :D I hope to write a post about it here and also do a video about it, so please keep checking back^^

Ok~~~ today me and a really talented Youtube friend "BudgetHobby" have a collaboration of My Melody character!! I decided to do a nail art while she did a sock plush :D Please do check out her video and channel (she does really cute DIY and craft videos), and I've also included her social media links below if you want to follow her^^

Here are our videos^^ Please do give a thumb up to both of us if you liked our collaboration^^

My video:

BudgetHobby's video:

BudgetHobby's channel:

BudgetHobby's facebook:

BudgetHobby's Instagram:

BudgetHobby's google +:

Thank you so much for watching/reading^^

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