Tuesday, June 30, 2015

3D Sweet dessert nail art and BornPrettyStore review

Hi everyone^^ Today I have a quick and simple nail art inspired by dessert and candies!! (I'm a big fan of anything sweet XD) This is a 3D sweet dessert nail art using the dessert nail decorations that BornPrettyStore sent me.

The decorations comes in a wheel packaging so you can twist to the right section to take out the decorations. Although try to be careful as some of them actually just fit into the slots, therefore you may accidentally scratch them as you twist the wheel (When that happens, try give it a little shake to give more space in each slot).

They come in 12 different designs and 10 of them came in pairs. As you can see, there are cakes, lollies, strawberries, chocolates, ice creams etc and they all looked really cute!! ^^ The details of the colours and patterns were quite good and they will certainly compliment any 3D nail designs.

I found the sizes of the decorations were quite suitable to apply to a wide range of different nail lengths. You can apply these decorations on top of nail polish, use them on acrylic or gel nails, or even for other use such as mobile cover decorations. In this nail art, I have used a small tweezer to apply the decorations. For instructions of how to apply them onto your nails, please watch the video at the end of this post.

Ta-Da! Here's my design^^ What do you think???

I have also used false nails from this design, please see the following link for this product:

If you are interested in finding more nail art products/tools, feel free to use this voucher on BornPrettyStore website:

Thanks for reading/watching everyone^^


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