Tuesday, June 16, 2015

BornPrettyStore Review - 3D round shape (Gold) nail art decoration

Hello again everyone^^ I have a simple nail design and a review using BornPrettyStore's 3D Round shape (Gold) nail art decoration. This nail art decoration comes in a pack of 50pcs in either gold or silver colour, and each decoration is about 4mm wide.

For this nail art, I am going to use the following nail polish:

Left to right: Essence Colour & Go, PA, Essie, Cutex base coat, Essence gel-look top coat.

I'm also going to use the above tools including a nail art glue, small gold studs, tweezer and a dotting tool.

Let's start with the base coat and base colour! I have coloured the ring finger nail in maroon and the rest in black colour.

Here I have shown you how to apply the decoration by itself, it's actually very simple with 3 easy steps:
1. Apply nail art glue on your nail
2. Use a tweezer and place the decoration onto the glue
3. Give it a little tap to secure its place

TA-DA! Here I have used the decoration itself for the design of the thumb nail. I have purposely used the combination of black, red and gold colours to give a "punk" feel to the design.

In here, I have shown you how to apply the decoration along with a rhinestone. I found this type of nail art is quite cool as the gold ring further emphasizes the shape and sparkles of the rhinestone. You can actually apply the nail art glue just once, and then place the gold ring right around the rhinestone.

I've applied another rhinestone below the one with the gold ring, and this design are used on both the index and middle finger nails. I guess they really made an impression against the black base colour hey? ^^

Here's the finished design after the top coat:

What do you guys think?

Overall I quite like this decoration, it's simple yet very versatile. You can use it on a wide range of designs, and they can be either cute or cool styles. Because of their size, they are also very easy to apply on the nails and you can even try to overlap 2 of them for your design. The only thing I can say about this product is that some of the edges (where the joint part is) are not as flat, but it's quite an easy fix with pliers if you really need a perfect circular shape. Other than that, I'm pretty happy with this product and I do look forward to use it again in the future :D

NOTE: I have used false nails for this tutorial (they have been cut and filed down from the original product), you can get those from here: http://www.bornprettystore.com/product_info.php?ref=3059&products_id=5464&affiliate_banner_id=1

If you are interested in finding more nail art products/tools, feel free to use this voucher on BornPrettyStore website:

Thanks for reading everyone :) hope this was helpful~~


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