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BornPrettyStore review - Resin rose nail decoration

Hi guys!! Sorry that I've been quite absent from this blog, and as well as Youtube for the last couple of days or weeks...I've actually just recovered from a bad flu >< But finally, I am back (WOOO!). Today I will be doing another BornPrettyStore review along with a nail art I've designed with the product. Hope you guys will like it^^

The product I'm going to review is a box of resin rose nail art decoration. It came with 48 pieces in 12 different colours, and each of the rose is about 6mm in size. Now let me tell you, I am a HUGE fan for rose nail art decorations when it comes to nail designs, and these definitely fulfills the need of a lot of different types of designs. Today I've decided to show you a design with pastel colours and along with a combination use of nail stickers and decorations.

I'm going to use a base coat, top coat, a light blue and a white nail polish.

Here are the nail stickers I'm going to use in this nail art, you can try find similar ones on BornPrettyStore or any other nail decoration stores. I'm mainly stripes of flowers and use them for lining, and as well as the single flowers to compliment the resin roses.

The main tools I'm going to use today are the nail art glue and a small tweezer.

First let's apply the base colours: I'm going to apply white nail polish on the thumb, index and ring fingers and light blue nail polish on the middle and pinky fingers.

Then I'm going to draw wide stripes at the middle of the thumb, index and ring fingers using the same light blue nail polish.

Cut stripes of flowers using a small cosmetic scissors and apply them on top and bottom of the light blue area.

Then I'm applying a hot pink rose at the middle of the light blue area. I have simply put on a dot of nail glue and attach the rose with a small tweezer, then give a few gentle taps to secure its place.

I've done the same design for the thumb, index and ring fingers.

With the middle finger, I have attached 2 roses in pastel purple and pink colours. Then I've also applied some flower nail stickers in similar colours to finish the design.

Lastly with the pinky nail, I've just applied some flower nail stickers in different sizes and colours.

TA-DA!!! All done! Do you like this design??

Guys, I really loved this product from the bottom of my heart!! But then, it could be just that I really love flowers/roses lol. Nevertheless the quality of the resin roses were superb, they can be a bit slippery when first applied but will stay firm once its position is secured. I really loved the fact it comes in a wide range of colours, and you can definitely re-use them if they have been removed properly. Therefore again, I'd love to recommend this nail art decoration to all you guys, and thanks again to BornPrettyStore for this lovely product :D

NOTE: I have used false nails for this tutorial (they have been cut and filed down from the original product), you can get those from here:

If you are interested in finding more nail art products/tools, feel free to use this voucher on BornPrettyStore website:

Thanks for reading guys^^ Hope you liked this nail art too!

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