Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How to make a simple Gudetama fried rice

Hey guys!! Today I have a very simple recipe for you guys^^ It's a quick and easy Gudetama fried rice!!! Now if you don't know who Gudetama is...check out this Youtube link below:

Basically, it's a really lazy egg who can't be bothered doing much LOL I totally fell in love with it when it came out (created from Sanrio) and I just love how soft and squishy it is ^^ 

Now let's go on to the ingredients~~ Fried rice is really flexible in terms of what you can include in it, so feel free to alter this recipe to suit your own taste :D (ie. you can change bacon to fish or chicken, and replace the frozen vegetable with fresh ones such as cauliflower). 

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Cooked rice .......... 150-200g 
Butter .......... 30g
Bacon .......... 100g
Egg .......... 1
Frozen vegetable .......... 100g
Cooking oil

1. Add some oil into a large pan and stir fry the bacon until cooked (brown edges)
2. Add the frozen vegetable and stir fry until they turn soft
3. Take the cooked vegetable and bacon out and put into a bowl, then wipe the residual oil with a paper towel
4. Add the butter and stir until they melt 
5. Add the cooked rice and stir fry until they absorbed the melted butter evenly
6. Add the cooked vegetable and bacon and give it a quick stir fry until they have been distributed among the rice evenly
7. Then take all the ingredients out and place on a plate
8. Fry the egg until the egg white has a slight brown edge
9. Then place the cooked egg on top of the fried rice
10. Decorate the egg with seaweeds (as shown on video)

Wooohoo!! All done! Now next time when you are home alone or looking for a quick meal, don't be afraid to try this out! I hope you guys will like it ^^

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