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Japan Candy Box review (June 2015) and 1000 + subscribers GIVEAWAY!!!! (CLOSED)

Hi guys! Do you remember my last post about "KawaiiBox"? Now they have released another subscription box called "Japan Candy Box" ^^

What is Japan Candy Box?

Japan Candy Box is a monthly subscription service that works the same way as KawaiiBox. The box will be shipped in the beginning of each month and shipping is free worldwide! Each box includes 8-10 yummy Japanese candies and snacks starting at $18.20/month.

I am glad I was given the chance to try one of these, the box was full of surprises! :D If you love Japanese snack or wanting to try Japanese snack, I'd definitely recommend Japan Candy Box^^ I feel that these subscription boxes are a great way to try different snacks at once, and the amount is just perfect to give you enough experiences with them. If you feel like more of those afterwards, they do have other options such as 3, 6 and 12 months plans at different prices (Check out the link at the end of this post for more details).

Alrighty! So here's my tasting video of June 2015's Japan Candy box:

1. Kabaya fish/frog gummies (I got the fish one)

This was quite an interesting one as the gummies actually comes in different stages of the development of a fish. ie. starting from an egg till the actually fish form. I found the first 3 actually tasted the same, while the last yellow one tasted like lemon.

2. Popin' cookin' Neri Candy land DIY kit

From the packaging and what was included in it, they looked just like clay! LOL So I suppose this would be fun ^^ I've done one or two Popin' cookin' DIY set before, and while the outcome looked cute and all that, I had to admit the taste wasn't so great LOL!!! Perhaps this would prove me wrong and I hope to try it out sometime soon :)

3. Pokemon Pikachu pretzels

These were probably my come on, who doesn't love those pretzels?? They are such an addictive little snack! These ones here came with Vanilla flavour along with some cookie bits and pieces which made it taste just like cookie and cream. If you watched the video, you can see the packaging was quite cute too with a Pikachu on it ^^

4. Meiji Petit bubblegum

I have to say I'm not a big fan of anything with grape flavour, but hey...I couldn't even tell this was grape flavour when I tried it! Maybe because I only tried one tiny piece? LOL. Anyway, it was really soft, and almost just like any other soft candy where I was tempted to chew and swallow haha! I suppose you have to eat alot of these in one go to get the bubblegum sensation and blow a bubble out of it ;) On the side note, I found the side slot on the packaging very clever, little details like this delights me.

5. Puccho mixed fruit chewy candy

I had those Puccho and Hi-chew chewy candy before, but this turned out rather a bit different. It had a soft chewy layer in yoghurt flavour, and the core was rather hard to chew and full of fruity (orange) flavour. Very interesting one I must say, although I did have a bit of difficulty trying to chew the core LOL.

6. Marukawa Fusen bubblegum

Here's another bubblegum, but it came in a much smaller packaging. The actual bubblegum though, came in a ball form in white colour. There were only 4 of them inside, and they were really easy to chew. I actually liked this one more than the previous bubblegum, maybe due to its size and flavour.

7. Yaokin sour paper candy

I have shown this candy in the video and it came in a brown stripe shape. This was coke flavour...and um...let's just say the initial taste was awesome...and then it went very, very, very sour! LOL. Actually I think it's just me, I simply can't stand sour stuff. Even though this was covered in sugar coat, I found it didn't help much to cover its strong sour taste. So if you love sour taste, I'd strongly recommend this and you won't be disappointed! XD

8. Dorayaki Japanese hotcake

I was totally familiar with this little snack as I have ate the bigger version before. This snack was the one that Doraemon loved!!! Haha...Doraemon pretty much made up my childhood, so it has always been a special snack for me :) I loved how soft and spongy the layers of hotcakes were, and that thin layer of red bean just fully complimented the overall taste. It was a very simple snack, yet quite a memorable one for me as always.

9. Meiji Kotsubu chocolates

Yessss! I've tried these before so I knew what exactly they tasted like! Basically they are just mini chocolates. Though the thing I love about any Meiji chocolates was...they tasted extra milky and I love it for that fact. I could easily eat a handful of these and finish the mini box in a minute...yesss they were that GOOD! ^^

10. Lotte Koala March biscuits

I'm sure a lot of people would be familiar with this one! Those Koala chocolate biscuits are so adorable I tell ya~ I totally loved the illustration on the biscuits every time I ate them.

Here's a picture of all the items included in June 2015 Japan candy box:

Image credit: Japan Candy Box

This Japan Candy Box from June 2015 actually had some really cute items. While every subscription box has its "hits" and "misses", I found myself quite liked all of them in a way. I got to try a few new things such as the fish gummies which came in different forms, the interesting Puccho chewy candy, and also a few things that I was familiar with such as Dorayaki, Koala biscuits and Meiji Kotsubu chocolates. I know those snack subscription boxes are not everyone's thing, but for me, I simply thought of it as an experience. Just like when you go on a roller coaster for the first time, I'll always love new things! If you are the same as me, why not give it a try yourself? ^^ Every month the items included will be different, and I'd love to hear about your experiences with them :)

Before you leave today, I also want to thank all of you for 1000+ Youtube subscribers!!! You don't know how happy I am to see this!!! I've decided to do a GIVEAWAY where you can win your own Japan Candy box^^ Simply just do one of the following requirement as below (the more you do, the more chances to win!) and you could be the one to win it!! GOOD LUCK ALL! ^^

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Thanks for reading/watching^^

If you guys are interested in getting one, you can check out their link below:

*Please note that all reviews were solely based on my personal opinions

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