Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sailor Moon collection - Cosmic Ballpoint Pen BSM3 Chibi Moon (by Sunstar Bungu)

Hi everyone :D If you guys been following me on Social media platforms, you probably would've have known about how I started to collect Chibi Moon merchandise from Sailor Moon.

Why starting a collection?
I think people collect for many reasons. Though for me, I feel the main reason is simply to obtain happiness. Life is not always smooth as we hoped and there are many tough times, so I'd like to keep something aside to remind me of the feeling of happiness, and to cheer me up when I'm feeling down. Like you know, something that can heal you immediately and give you energy just by looking at them^^

Sailor Moon has always been one of my favourite childhood Anime, and I'm sure many of us are familiar with it as it had been so popular. Now that they have reached their 20th Anniversary, Japan has released many Sailor Moon merchandises that are super pretty and unique! I have personally seen many people out there who have been collecting Sailor Moon merchandises, and it made me want to start my own collection too ^^ (I use to collect a lot of Anime merchandise, mainly One Piece. Then there was the phase of Re-ment collection a little while ago

Instead of collecting everything, I have decided to put my main focus on Chibi Moon. Why Chibi Moon? LOL. If you know me, I love PINK!! Also I just thought Chibi Moon's merchandise are the cutest out of all!! Occasionally, I might collect sets as well just because it's quite hard to get individual merchandise sometimes, and also a lot of the times I actually really liked everything from the set (ie. Twinkle Dolly series). I'll definitely try to blog about Chibi Moon ones either here, on Dayre or post pictures on Instagram (

Today I'm going to show you a quick post about the most recent merchandise I've purchased. This was the Cosmic Ballpoint Pen by Sunstar Bungu, and I bought it from Hobbylink Japan:

As you can see, the packaging also came in pink!! The pen itself had a pink base colour, pretty bow and heart patterns in gold colour.

On the back of the packaging, it had the official logos on it.

I loved the design so much and Chibi Moon looked really cute here^^ The plate itself had gold lacy design around it and a bow at the bottom :D

This is actually a black ballpoint pen, it's quite smooth to write with.

I'm actually not really sure if I'll use this pen LOL I think I'm just happy looking at it XD I am glad to have got this and I'm really looking forward to collect more Chibi Moon merchandises. Hopefully I can get a glass case to display all my collections, and yaaaa~~ please check back for more posts in the future^^

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