Saturday, December 12, 2015

My top 5 Travel tips and Thailand trip vlog

Hi guys! I'm finally back on Youtube after...god knows how long lol. Today I have a video based on my top 5 travel tips, also with a bit of my Thailand trip vlog at the end.

I started travelling when I was 21. Basically my motivation at that time enough money to go to Paris and fulfill my dream when I was a little girl :) But along the way, I found the world was much much bigger than I thought. There are so many different places I want to see and so many different cultures I want to learn of. So that began my journey to explore the world together with my husband ^^

If you guys have been following my instagram @ Mintyminad, you'd know that we just returned from our Thailand trip earlier. I had to say this was one of our most challenging trip as a few hiccups happened haha. I will write more about it on my blog later on, but if you guys are interested in my travel tips, here it is...

These tips doesn't necessarily apply to everyone, but I really do hope they will help you in some sort of way :)

Lastly, feel free to share any of your tips as well on my Social media, blog, or Youtube! I also love to hear where you guys been to in the world too!! ^^

Thanks for reading/watching and all your supports to my blog/Youtube as always.

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