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Thailand 2015 Trip - Day 1 and 2 (Arrival, Central world, Jim Thompsonhouse, MBK, Naraya haul, Greyhound Cafe, Siam, Hello Kitty Cafe, MangoTango)

I went on holiday to Thailand with my hubby at the beginning of November, and this trip of our most challenging trip so far, but we could say that we still enjoyed it just as much as others despite all the hiccups.

I'm going to blog about the trip from Day 1, and some days may be combined with other days if we didn't do much. I hope these entries will help you in a way, especially if you are considering of travelling to Thailand. Later on I'm also planning to do a Youtube video based on my personal travel tips, so stay tuned for the link ^^

We planned to fly to Bangkok first and then to Phuket, as we believed we'd definitely need to relax a little after running around the big city (with all the shopping as well lol). So we caught the plane around 10am Australian time, and there goes that dreadful 8 and half hour of flight...Though since Thailand is 3 hours behind, we arrived in Bangkok still in daylight.

DAY 1 - Arriving Bangkok, Dinner at Momo's Paradise in Central World

We pretty much had to walk off the plane and take a shuttle to the airport once we got there, and boy...we felt the heat, shooting right at us as soon as we got out of the plane! It was dead humid in Bangkok, and November was suppose to be the "cooler" season like what??!?

Anyways, finally we hopped on the BTS train and got to our Ibis hotel at National Stadium...and this was what I saw at the lobby.

My first reaction was "OMG!!" I knew exactly what this meant for meant midnight snacks are just right downstairs!! The reason we picked this hotel initially was due to extreme convenience, ie. right beside BTS station, close to shopping mall etc, but this 24 hour 7-11 was a total bonus for lazy people like us >0<

After check-in and settling down a little, we headed out to Central World for dinner. Fortunately the BTS system wasn't confusing at all, you pretty much just buy the ticket at the machine and was so cheap comparing to Australia, I think 1 station was only like 15 baht which was about....50 cents? Anyways, when we finally made it to the was like, air conditioner blast OMFG! Basically we were covered in sweats after 10 steps, no jokes.

After arriving at Central world, we were just amazed at how empty the shopping mall seemed. Perhaps we have arrived at non-peak hour? Haha and I have to tell you, we could never stop being excited about how many levels does Asian shopping malls actually have.

Momo's Paradise wasn't hard to find at all, it was just located on the top 7th floor where all the food were lol. It was a buffet Japanese hotpot place (somehow we felt like hotpot rather than Thai food on the first night).

We were actually quite surprised at how much Japanese-influenced restaurants/stores were there in Bangkok, it was almost like a mini-Japan at some places. Sadly due to jetlag, we didn't really eat much at dinner...but the meat and the soup base were delicious!

We also walked pass the Erawan Shrine, which had a bomb incident here a bit earlier. This was a night view of it, which somehow gave us quite a shiver after remembering the bomb scene from the TV.

Before we headed back to our hotel, we actually visited Big C. It was pretty much a super market chain store in Thailand, and they sell a lot of things in bulk so it was quite cheap. We bought some spring water and snacks for ourselves, just to get us going for the first couple of days.

We bought some Pringles chips and seaweeds as snacks from Big C. This specific seaweed (Small boss seaweed) was actually a Must-buy snack in Thailand, it had so many flavours and it was really crunchy unlike the normal soggy seaweed snacks. I do highly recommend anyone going to Thailand to try all flavours, they could be consumed really quickly...

DAY 2 - Jim Thompson House, MBK, Greyhound Cafe, Siam, Hello Kitty Cafe, Mango Tango

On day 2 we had planned to go to Jim Thompson House in the morning, since it was pretty much next to our hotel. I mainly wanted to check out some silk scarves for my mom but it turned out none of them were suitable.

Nevertheless, the house itself and the garden area were beautiful. My hubby had lots of fun teasing the turtles and pond of fish.

After that, we just walked around MBK area for awhile, mainly just looking for somewhere for quick breakfast. Of course, there were a lot of street food stalls around...

This was one of them which had all kind of skewers that you could imagine. I wasn't brave enough to lay my hand on any of those, so only my hubby got some chicken skewers while I had some pancakes instead.

Also spotted this Naraya store with quite a few designs I liked, so I decided to come back here at night time. Oh yea, by the way Naraya bag is like the Thai iconic bag lol I think I saw a lot of flight attendants actually used them ^^

Afterwards, we went for a walk around Chitlom area and figured there wasn't much to see. Although we did find Greyhound cafe in which we were planning to go, so might as well take a break and have some brunch. Greyhound is actually a fashion brand in Thailand, somehow I found it very chic and modern with its simple black and white designs.

Here's the beginning of icy drinks (will tell the story later on), as it was just way TOO hot to not have one!

One thing I had to mention is that the chicken in Thailand were somehow...really small. These fried chicken wings were like half the size of the ones from Australia. Nevertheless, all the fried chicken we had on this trip were really great due to their special kind of spices.

My hubby had some pasta, the sauce was surprisingly good.

The thing about having meal inside shopping malls was...they always charge a 10% VAT and sometimes with around 7% service fee too. This meant...the final bill was way higher than we initially thought LOL I think that's why people always eat street foods in Thailand? They were way cheaper than this kind of meal.

Oh did I mention there were a lot of Japanese influences in Bangkok? We found this randomly in Siam, it was a bunch of Fuchiko! Look how they stacked the cups up as well? I wish we had one of those for display at our home.

Also found this really random Green tea dessert place in Central world...gosh the ice cream cone was gooooood!

Went to check out Siam Paragon as well, but it was mainly luxury brands so we weren't as interested.

Later on we decided to go back to MBK for dinner and do our first round of shopping lol. We found this huge foodcourt at the top floor and they basically had a variety of Asian dishes. The good thing about foodcourts in Bangkok is that you don't need to use cash inside. You simply put some money on a card and just use the card to purchase whatever food, and any left over amount would be returned to you at the exit cash stop.

My hubby chose to eat Korean food...haha I guess he really missed Kim chip soup or something.

I saw this fish ball bowl in one of the stalls and I was like...*scream*. One of my favourite Asian dish was those rice noodles with fish ball! It turned just like I expected, and I seriously would've ate another bowl if my stomach had more room. I really liked that random fried tofu-looking thing...not sure what you call it, but it was crunchy and came in many layers.

Might as well take a picture of MBK lol

As mentioned earlier in this post, I planned to go back to Naraya to buy some bags. Here's the very first haul I had which consists of 2 Naraya bags and one silky scarf. The large black tote bag is for work-use, as my old bag completely broke down. The small pink bag was just too cute to miss, it kind of reminded me of Liz Lisa bags with the bow and lace. The hot pink scarf was bought inside MBK, which I hope to style it with my grey tops in Autumn/Winter.

After a quick break back at our hotel, we headed out again to Siam area (pretty much the central of Bangkok where all the trendy stuffs are) to hunt down some Mango sticky rice.

As we walked towards the back streets of Siam Square, somehow, randomly, we found a Hello Kitty Cafe!!! Being a Hello Kitty fan, there was no way I'd not go in. Because we had dinner not too long ago, we decided to just have some desserts/snacks here.

Everywhere was PINK! I was like, this is what a Hello Kitty Cafe should look like right? (Then I remembered the one in

This is what I had, a strawberry shortcake.

Now here's the 2nd icy drink lol

My hubby decided to have a light meal as dinner didn't really fill him up. This was more like a breakfast with pancakes, sausages and egg lol.

After eating, we went downstairs to check out the gift shop. They didn't have too much interesting stuffs, but I did buy a T-shirt for my dad, a notebook and got a free cup as well. In the meantime, we found this pink car so I decided to sit in it.

They also had a nail salon downstairs, and I really do regret not getting my nails done...*sigh* They had a really cute design which I loved and the price wasn't ridiculous too.

We got out and spotted "Mango Tango" around the corner, which was a dessert place we planned to have mango sticky rice at. Haha I really liked the huge mango statue outside their door.

Look at all those mangoes?? We all knew one of Thailand's specialty was mangoes, but this was certainly the first time we saw this many mangoes sticking together.

Mango overload time! We picked mango sticky rice along with mango pudding and ice cream. We were completely in loooove!

We also got Mango Sago but it wasn't that great comparing to the previous dish.

If you are a big mango fan, I'd definitely recommend you to give "Mango Tango" a visit. Basically everything they had was made from mango or mango flavour, and it came in all sorts of forms you could've imagine!

Alrighty, that shall conclude our day 1 and 2 of the Thailand trip. I'll try to get the rest of the posts up as soon as I can so...keep checking back if you are interested!

Thanks for reading guys, shall see ya soon!


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