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Thailand 2015 Trip - Day 4 (Cafe at Ease, Khao San Road, Tom Yum Kung restaurant, Chinatown, Always One, YumSaap @ MBK, Tattoo show)

On day 4, we decided to take a bus to explore instead of the usual train. To be honest, I was quite excited as I felt a bus ride would be like a roller coaster LOL. Anyways, we actually saw a little cafe near our hotel on the day before, so we decided to go there for breakfast.

So here it is! Cafe at Ease (38/1 Soi Kasaemson 2, Rama 1 RoadBangkokThailand) is actually located on the way to Jim Thompson's House. It may not look any special from the outside, but we were really surprised once we went in.

Ta-da! Just the way I like it! I always wished to go to a quiet cafe with lots of green plants and everything's eco-friendly. When we stepped inside, the first thing I noticed was the fresh scent of flowers. The cafe itself seemed like the ones I've seen on magazines, small but friendly. They also had a section selling clothing and jewelry, the designs were very unique.

I got some sandwiches off the menu, as I didn't feel like eating too much. The menu had a lot of healthy choices, but the variety is quite limited. I loved how the food came on a chopping board with fake grass underneath, it was just totally my type of natural style!

My hubby on the other hand, loves big breakfast all the time. Thus he got this breakfast platter with his favourite tomato, egg and bacon. LOL I kinda felt full already just by looking at it.

We also decided to just relax and sip on some nice tea. I've picked this one called "Madame Butterfly" which was mainly peach flavour. GOD it was SO GOOD! I'm a big fan of fruity/floral tea, so this definitely hit the right spot for me.

After this surprisingly awesome breakfast, we hopped onto the road to catch a bus to Khao San Road. I think the number we caught was 15, and it took awhile to arrive at our bus stop. The first bus ride was rather...scary! LOL mainly because there were no windows on that bus, and basically I'm sitting next to a rectangular hole. This means I felt like I was about to be thrown out any minute HAHA (nervous laugh). I have to say all the bus drivers in Bangkok must be super skilled, as they could literally handle any kind of situation in the traffic, and managed to squeeze through impossible spaces on the road. Nevertheless, we arrived Khao San Road pretty quickly.

Khao San Road was pretty quiet around noon, and it was EXTREMELY hot without much cover. 

Found this Mc Donald with Thai-style greeting ^^ I love how they had all sorts of vibrant colours on this street.

10 minutes later, we wished we actually came here at night time. I'm pretty sure there would be more stalls, more people and the bars would be more alive then.

Despite a little disappointment, we headed to this restaurant called "Tom Yum Kung" lol which is the same name as the popular Tom Yum Kung soup.

Haha believe it or not, we were the first customers there! I guess it's too early for this place to be crowded, so I'm guessing this place would become more vibrant at night due to the bar inside there. The restaurant itself was really big, it even had a front and side yard with swinging chairs.

Here goes the nth number of icy drinks, a watermelon shake for the hubby. I always find swirling stirrer fascinating for some

Of course, how could we leave this place without a Tom Yum Kung? Did I tell you this is only the small size bowl? There were so many prawns inside and the soup itself was amazing! (Usually we only get about 2 prawns when we get Tom Yum Kung in Australia LOL)

We also got ourselves 2 entrees since we weren't as hungry, 1 was deep fried prawn roll and the other was just fried chicken wings. So unhealthy but so tasty! We were on a holiday, and thus all the rules/diet/whatever just gone out of the window. I'd definitely vote Thailand to be a food heaven till you can't eat anymore, guys! ><

My favourite time of the meal: DESSERT TIME! I was looking at this pink bowl from the menu and decided this was what I wanted. The syrup was quite sweet, which compliments the little sticky rice balls etc. I wouldn't say this was the best dessert I've ever had, but it was definitely nicer than most Thai desserts that I've had.

Aaaaaand...hubby was totally obsessed with Mango sticky rice, he pretty much ordered it everywhere we went in Thailand. This one wasn't as good as the one from Mango Tango, but it was a good idea that they separated the coconut milk from the rice and mango. I guess some people prefer less coconut milk whereas others prefer more. In my hubby's case, he just poured all out anyway LOL.

After lunch, we decided to head to Chinatown. However, we got lost. More like, we just couldn't find the right bus stop...I mean, we found the bus stop according to our map, but the bus we were suppose to catch wasn't written on the bus stand. What the??? Not to mention it started pouring at that stage, and we almost gave up on going. Luckily we decided to put faith on the original plan, and continued waiting with a couple of other tourists who were also wandering around there. About 15 minutes later, the miraculous bus arrived!!! 

I guess the good thing about Bangkok's rain is...they come quick and go quick as well, it was more like a sudden piece of storm cloud floating by, in a rapid speed. That said, the puddles after the rain were really annoying. So when we got to Chinatown, this is pretty much what appeared in front of us. Sadly, I had no interest of carrying around the camera and taking photos anymore, but it was somewhat similar to all the other Chinatown we've been to.

We also had plans to check out a few toy and hobby shops in Chinatown area, so this photo was taken on a bridge near the shops we went to.

We went to a place called "Always One", where it was said to have lots of figurines and toys. Though I think this place had more Gundam toys more than any other Anime, so any Gundam fan would be delighted to visit here. As for me, I only found a tiny section of Sailor Moon goods, which wasn't what I wanted to buy. Oh well~~~

Later we caught a bus back to MBK, and went to YumSaap for dinner. YumSaap is like a chain restaurant that's relatively cheap, and it seems like a lot of people come here for quick meals rather than a long one.

I got this fried omelette with pork mince. God it was so spicy! I totally underestimated the level of spiciness, so pretty much I was shooting fire out of my mouth after half of this. 

My hubby got this salad + chicken wings set, it was a nice and simple dish. Though the salad was a lot more sour than he thought...haha.We found the taste of food here were quite strong, perhaps they put a lot of chilli and vinegar?

At night time, we found this Tattoo show/competition outside of MBK. The crowd was pretty amazing and many tattoo artists had designs that I never seen elsewhere before. The amount of details in the tattoo designs almost seemed like mission impossible! Wish I could've taken more photos.

Finally before the end of the day, we bought 2 pocky which came in Tom Yum Kung and Spicy BBQ flavours (Not sure if those were Thailand limited edition?). The Tom Yum Kung tasted sour and wasn't spicy (so that was good lol), and the BBQ spicy one wasn't really spicy too but came a lot thinner than the normal pocky somehow.

That shall conclude our Day 4, looking forward to the next day??

Thanks for reading haha are you guys entertained? XD


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