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Thailand 2015 trip - Day 5 (Safari World, Mansion 7, Hot pot train)

Hi guys! I'm back for more travel post on our Thailand trip and now we are on day 5...

When we go travelling, I had always tried to fit in a theme park in our schedule. LOL I guess you could say me and hubby are still like kids. This time however, we decided to do something a little different. Rather than a theme park with roller coaster rides, we decided to go to Safari World. My hubby has always loved animals, and I meant...ALL KIND of animals! XD Sometimes I tease him that he should've just became a zoo keeper or something.

So we booked an expedia tour and hopped on our tour bus in the morning to began our journey. The Safari World was actually alot more closer than we thought, and it was so crowded even on a weekday. To our surprise, the driver actually entered the Safari World (wild/open part) with our tour bus! I was like...OH CRAP DO I NEED TO SHUT THE WINDOWS?? LOL.

Once we entered the park, it was like a completely different world. We felt like we have been teleported to Africa, and all we saw was wild animals. We couldn't even decide which was our favourite, but I have managed to took some pictures of a few of the interesting ones.

I have a thing for Zebra, and I'm not sure why. Most likely was due to the fact that I found their patterns are you know, they tend to hypnotize you in a way? LOL.

Here comes a big one!!!

There were a lot of deer as well, and each of them seemed to be too busy doing their own little things.

I really liked the setting of this park actually, the animals were scattered around all sorts of places. But I guess my favourite pictures are still the ones with animals besides the water, it has a calm effect somehow.

Honestly, those animals couldn't care less about us HAH!

Here's a fact: Before this section, it was actually ok to leave the windows open. Though just prior to the tiger zone, there were signs everywhere to make sure our car windows were shut! It really created a sense of tension, and frankly speaking...I WAS TERRIFIED. Yes, I was indeed paranoid and imagining all kind of scenarios where the tigers gone wild and jump all over us.

Yet none of the scenarios came true (PHEW!), Mr and Ms Tiger obviously doesn't even bother to look at our way.

Then we got to the section with black bear, and I was paranoid once again. Would the bear be more aggressive than the tigers? I had this strong thought...and fortunately, I was just imagining things again LOL. The bear were quite lazy, and some even slept right in front of us.

Passing by the "Dangerous" zone, we had finally opened up our windows for some fresh air. The last few sections were filled with more gentle animals, and there stood the peacock...who liked to act snobby...but uh...actually has a kind heart LOL (I could totally write a story based on the expressions of those animals).

Anyways, after that intense ride, we have arrived at the other side of the park which we could start attending some shows.

The first show we saw was with seals, apologies that I didn't take any pictures here as I was quite dizzy from the previous ride (LOL. No that's an excuse!).

We also saw a dolphin show, which was quite amusing. The dolphins had 200% concentration and no mistakes were made (the seals from the previous show actually had some mistakes haha).

Somewhere in between, we have also seen a cowboy show. This one was more based on sound and visual effects, mainly gun fire and bombs. The show was pretty good actually, although the story line was a little confusing.

The best show we have seen for the day was definitely the Orang-Utan show. I mean...seriously I can't imagine anyone who won't fall in love with them.

Look at those 3, being all seductive in this heat, which made the atmosphere even hotter!!! LOL.

There goes the fight! I reckon our host did an excellent job as well. I had a small clip on my Instagram (@mintyminad) if anyone's interested. The fight was more friendly than I thought, so I guess they really loved eachother LOL.

The day went really quickly after all those shows. Luckily the park had some water spray, inwhich really reduced the heat a little. Both me and hubby really enjoyed this day, and we would probably vote this day as one of our best days.

After we got back from Safari World, we headed to our next destination: Mansion 7. I'm not sure how many of you might have heard of this place but I certainly didn't know until last minute. We have randomly found this place and decided to give it a try.

Mansion 7 only had a haunted house inside (closed between 2-6pm) and the tickets are 599 baht each. It is located about 3 minutes walk from Huay Kwang MRT station, so I guess it's quite close to China town.

This is what it looked like inside, and it was completely empty when we got there. We guessed that it wasn't a popular destination...I mean, not everyone love horror stuffs like us! This means...the place itself seemed even more eerie than it already was.

To be honest, it is probably better to come here along the way instead of specifically going all the way just to visit Mansion 7. The haunted house itself was in a prison setting, and it give you 3 choices of paths (you can do all 3 as well). I nearly screamed my lungs out while my hubby was laughing the whole way (who knows, maybe he has gone crazy LOL). He found it wasn't as scary as he anticipated, while I was having a heart attack and refused to go to the bathroom by myself afterwards. So the choice is yours, but definitely don't come here if you absolutely hate horror movies.

Later after the scare, we went back to MBK for some hot pot train. Oh I'm sure you know about Sushi train...but hot pot train? The concept was still quite new to us, so we decided to try it.

We were pretty satisfied after this dinner, though we didn't eat as much as we'd like to (I suppose our stomach was already playing up at this stage). They actually had a side buffet table as well, just incase you want some sushi and fried food too. Overall we loved this idea.

That shall conclude our Day 5 in Thailand, and yeah...let me just say, I love writing about trips and I specifically love writing about all aspects of a trip. So hope you guys will look forward to a different kind of post on Day 6 etc, see ya soon!


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