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Thailand 2015 trip - Day 15 and 16 (Phi Phi Island, Patong Beach, Loi Krathong)

Hi guys^^ This will be the final post of our Thailand 2015 trip, thank you for reading about our trip all this time :)

On day 15, we spent the whole out at Phi Phi Island. Initially we booked an Expedia tour which includes a boat ride and buffet lunch.

On the way there, they were playing Mr.Bean on the boat. nostalgic! I used to love this show when I was a kid and it was good to watch it again. Fortunately the sea was very calm too, so none of us got seasick.

After arrival, we were just amazed at how clear the water was. Sadly it wasn't the best day in Phuket, as the clouds tend to block the sunlight which would have made the beach looked more pretty.

Nevertheless, the sea was emerald green mixed with tints of sparkling blue colour. 

After arriving at the Phi Phi Island, we took a small boat out into the deep sea for some snorkeling. Both me and my hubby love snorkeling, even though it's actually a very tiring exercise LOL. We couldn't take any photos out there, but the view under the sea was pretty amazing. There were a lot of fish, and they swam so close to us that some of them accidentally touched our faces.

After one hour or so of snorkeling session, we both just want to lie flat like some dead fish. Thus we hired some beach chairs with umbrellas and decided to have a nap.

I took this photo before the nap. OH HOW TYPICAL! Haha. Sausage anyone?? We both enjoyed the lazy view of the sea, and the sunlight made us drowsy slowly... Z Zzz ZZz

The day out at Phi Phi Island was pretty fun, as we miss snorkeling very much. It's definitely a must-do activity in Phuket, although...we wished we visited the James Bond Island too but I guess we just didn't want our schedule to be too full in Phuket.

On the last day of our Thailand trip, we decided to go down to Patong beach to have a look. We walked along Bangla Walking Street and saw a lot of small stalls.

From these streets, you can actually see a lot of scooters LOL. In fact one of the best way to explore Phuket is probably by a scooter. Though we just thought we couldn't risk it...after hearing too many stories about scooter riding. 

We actually stayed around here till night time, and I have to say it looked completely different at night. During night time, this place becomes so lively and you could see girls, guys, ladyboys everywhere trying to promote their bar/pub/club. Some of them had happy hours, which had really cheap beers. I actually quite regret not going into one of the Go-Go-bars LOL. I mean...those shows would definitely be entertaining right? 

We thought Patong beach was quite awesome, especially if you were going to come with a group of friends or as a graduation trip or something. It seemed like the parties here have always gained a lot of positive and enthusiastic feedbacks, maybe we'll come back again in the future ^^

Here I took a picture of the view from inside of a Tuk-Tuk, again there were a lot of scooters lying around. One thing worth mentioning is that the Tuk-Tuk in Phuket looked a lot different to the ones in Bangkok, they were more like truck LOL.

For dinner, we actually went to Malika Terrace again inside our resort as they have special menu and lanterns to celebrate the Loi Krathong (Thailand light festival). 

I was so excited to see the desserts and sweets table! I mean look at those! That's what you call a "feast".

Here's a close up of a carved watermelon, it was such a piece of art.

Each table at the restaurant that night actually gets a lantern per person, and then we can release it in the pool. We took quite a while to light up the incense sticks as it was quite windy, but at last we had them floating in the pool sharing our respect to the water spirits. 

Though if you want to see a bigger celebration of Loi Krathong (usually in November), it is probably the best to go to Chao Phraya river in Bangkok. They actually have large light decorations and the atmosphere will be more vibrant. Or if you happen to be in Chiang Mai around the time, you can even see sky lanterns!


After dinner, we had a quick walk around the resort for the last time. Here's a close-up picture of the bar inside the pool at night.

After we gone back to our room, I took this very last photo of our Thailand trip at the balcony.

I have to say our 2015 Thailand trip was somewhat more eventful than all the other trips we've ever had. In a way, we learnt a lot and gained many new experiences from this trip. We will always miss the banana pancake stall on the side of the street, the colourful decorations and lights from Bangkok city, the satisfaction from endless shopping, the friendly smiles of its people, and much much more.

Thank you guys again for reading these travel posts, I think this was actually one of the very few times I actually wrote about our trip day by day. I really do hope we can keep on travelling to many more places in the future and bring you more travel posts ^^

If you are interested in reading other topics of my blog, please do look around :) I am looking forward to write more in the next couple of days or weeks. Shall see you soon then!!


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