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Thailand 2015 trip - Day 6 and 7 (Hospital visit, Erawan tea room, Asiatique market)

Hi guys! Hope you all had a great new year ^^ I am going to continue my Thailand travel post, and thank you guys for reading these so far.

As I've stated from my last post that I seek to write all aspects of a trip, today I do plan to share a different story with you guys. I know most people won't experience such things as we did (or I hope not), so feel free to skip this part if you find it a little boring :) I'm probably the last person you can find on Earth who would write negative things from a trip, but here is a not-so-bad one...

On day 6, we originally planned to go to Blue Elephant restaurant for lunch and hang around Asiatique in the afternoon till night time. However, my hubby woke up feeling slightly unwell. By the time we reached Blue Elephant restaurant, he was having cold sweats and vomits so we had to return to the hotel ASAP.

Now if you have been reading the past few blog posts, you would've known we had a lot of icy drinks. In Australia, it is safe to drink tap water and thus we never had a problem with drinking beverage with ice cubes in them. However, before this trip, we were warned that we should NOT drink tap water in Thailand. We even bought a lot of bottled spring water from the super market for daily use...but due to the hot weather, and all those "YOLO" moments, me and hubby still had a few icy drinks despite the fact those ice cubes were probably made from tap water. Although we were not 100% sure if that was the reason why my hubby got so sick, we still highly suspected that.

So back to the hotel we go and it seemed like my hubby's condition has worsened. By late afternoon he was experiencing dehydration and that's when we decided to call an doctor for him. Because his condition prevent him getting out of bed, we actually had the doctor coming into our hotel room. We were recommended to call an ambulance and took him to the hospital to further examine his condition. The night could have ended in a more scary way, but I guess this was already worrying. We were stuck in the traffic for quite awhile until we finally reached the hospital.

I wish I could have a photo to show you what the scene was like but it was certainly impossible. My hubby had to go through all the daunting tests and get pushed into the emergency department. Boy I thought we were filming a movie there! As much as I detest any hospitals, the white rooms, the medicine scent and all the other things that haunt me, I stayed and watched him closely. To be honest, at some stage I was blaming myself for him to be ending up like that. Although the thought was quickly replaced by worries and fatigue at the end of the night.

We got sent to a private suite to stay overnight and wait for the test results, and all I remember was doctors and nurses coming in and out throughout the night to make sure he was alright. Fortunately by the next morning, he was a lot better. It seemed like he had an infection and thus all the horrible symptoms, but it wasn't anything too severe.

Before I go on further with this post, I just want to say...ALWAYS GET TRAVEL INSURANCE. With all the past trips, we had always been getting travel insurance even though we never had to use it. But hey, you never know! If it wasn't a comprehensive travel insurance* (maximum coverage with unlimited hospital cover), we would've been suffering.
(*This is also important if you knew you are going to do a lot of outdoor activity and water sport, as they cover injuries as well) that's that and I guess all I can say is...these incidents allow us to learn a lot. We learnt to prepare better for next time, to deal with similar incidents in a more effectively way, and to deal with our emotions a lot better too. Now that I think about it, I was glad that this experience brought us a lot closer than before. As we tend to learn more about ourselves in time of emergency, where we were being pushed out of our expected schedules.

(Again not everyone would've experienced such sickness, so this may or may not necessarily apply to your trip to Thailand. However, we still do recommend people to drink bottled water and just beware of the quality of food especially in extremely hot weather)

Moving on...we actually got out of the hospital at about 3pm on day 7. Thus we decided to have a break at our hotel and then head down to Erawan tea room.

Erawan tea room is located on level 2 inside Erawan Shopping mall (along with Grand Hyatt hotel) in Bangkok and the afternoon tea is served between 2.30pm to 6pm daily. Before our trip, I saw a few photos of this afternoon tea online, and I almost couldn't believed the whole thing was only 600 THB including tea! The tea room itself was peaceful and cosy, and perfect for a relaxing afternoon.

Look at the teapot! Doesn't that look like a piece of art?

After such a night, here I was, sipping on my tea. I tend to forget about all the irrelevant things as soon as I was drowning in that aroma.

The afternoon tea came in 3 tiers, and I thought this was way enough to share between 2 people. I found these little snacks were fantastic and high standard, and it was amazing how they were a combination of Western and traditional Thai food.

The first tier was full of savoury traditional Thai food. I loved the combination of sour and chilli tastes, they have indeed stimulated my taste bud to start with. I think my hubby loved this tier the most, as he is someone who doesn't have a sweet tooth.

Second tier was probably my favourite, of course! Who can resist the look of those sweet desserts? Macaron, cake, scone, you name it! Though I was quite full already by this stage, and my hubby couldn't really help anymore due to the fact he was still recovering. 

The top tier was full of petit sweets, I totally loved the sticky rice cake and mango sticky rice :D My hubby couldn't resist, so he took a few bite of the mango sticky rice too LOL.

The overall experience at Erawan tea room was magnificent, and we felt it was really good in value too. We actually arrived quite late (around 5pm) on the day so there weren't a lot of people, but I suppose this place is normally crowded according to the online reviews.

After this, we decided to take a boat and head to Asiatique market. It was a little confusing once we got to Saphan Taskin station, and the port didn't seem to have any signs. Though later we found someone else who were also heading to Asiatique and followed LOL. 

The boat ride wasn't as scary as we thought and I didn't feel seasick much, except for the beginning which it tends to wobble a bit. As we ride along the river, we saw some building with colourful lights which was pretty. Then we saw the huge ferris wheel which was a noticeable icon of Asiatique market. 

Asiatique was a lot more vibrant than we expected, and there were so many tourists around. It was nice to finally go around places again, as we felt we have been stuck in the hospital for a long time. I guess this was the feeling that was called "rebirth" HAHA. 

The Asiatique market was quite big, along with lots of restaurants and cabaret show as well. I wouldn't say the pricing at this market was good, but it had some stalls with unique local designer items. We also saw a place with lots of love locks, just like the one in Paris.

In a way we didn't hang out there for long, as we still felt a little exhausted from the night before. This picture was taken by me looking up at the giant ferris wheel and remembering a phrase..."looking up a ferris wheel is like looking at happiness". We were indeed very happy at that exact moment, even though we didn't ride in one. These sudden feelings during any trip have always been precious to us, and we certainly won't forget those moments in Thailand too.

Thanks for reading again guys, I know I didn't write a lot this time as we didn't do much on day 6 and 7. Though looking forward, I still have about one week and more to write!! Don't forget to come back and check them out, it will soon be up to Phuket as well :)


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