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Thailand 2015 trip - Day 8 and 9 (Platinum mall, Manna restaurant, Terminal 21, Nara restaurant)

Hi guys, I'm back to continue on our Thailand travel posts. We are pretty much about half way of the trip, so thank you for reading this far :)

After a bit of hiccup, we decided to change around our plans for a little. On day 8, we chose to spend a day at Platinum mall to do some shopping.

Basically Platinum mall is like a wholesale indoor market mainly for fashion, and it was more focused on women fashion.

Unfortunately this was the only picture we took at the mall, mainly because well...we were too busy shopping LOL. Also I thought some sellers might not like photographs so I've put my camera away.

The mall has about 6 levels full of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Like I said, they are mainly targeted at women (I found that there's more men fashion in MBK). I have to say at first it was very overwhelming that I didn't even know where to start!!! Luckily I had a shopping list with me so I know exactly what I wanted to buy. The price here were pretty good if you buy 2 or more items, and most of the times they'd list the wholesale prices already (say for eg. 1 t-shirt is 100 baht and 3 for 250 baht or something). 

I would highly recommend people spend a day or at least half a day here, just because there are a lot of stalls to check out. Sometimes they have spontaneous sale as well, for instance, I bought 3 sandals from 1 store which had 100 baht sale for everything!! (That's like...about $4 AUD each!!) You may also bring a luggage or a large bag (I have seen people do it) to carry your purchase, while at the same time it somewhat may help you get more bargains LOL (As they think you are looking for bulk-purchases).

For dinner, we went to this restaurant called MannA at Siam Paragon. The reason why we wanted to come here was because of the Merry-Go-Round ^^ Though to our disappointment, the restaurant only had a single decoration, while the rest of the design were pretty normal (we were expecting more like a...fairytale setting).

We had a small entree but it wasn't too special.

We also had Prawn Vermicelli noodles...oh did I tell you I LOVE Vermicelli noodles? Haha I don't know, I like the sticky texture especially with a good sauce. This one wasn't so bad, and the portion was quite big.

In the end, we didn't find MannA to be as how we expected but it was still a reasonable meal. However, the price tend to be on the higher end which was not a surprise judging from its location.

On day 9, we decided to go shopping again! Well, not quite. The shopping mall that we planned to head to was a little different, it had each floor designed in correspondence to different countries, and the mall had a theme which was...airport :)

Yes! It's Terminal 21!!

I guess you could say Terminal 21 is still fairly new? It opened in October 2011, and I'd say it probably had the most innovative interior design out of all the malls we've been to. Here we had a picture of the top floor, which consists of a variety of restaurants with different types of cuisine.

Looking down from the top floor, we saw an imitation of the Golden Gate bridge. LOL even with the little cars...

Some of the levels had signs as well, this one was the Istanbul city ^^

Each escalator pretty much looked like terminal gates from an airport, ready to take off yet??

We found a huge double deck bus from the level that represents London :D

I think we spent quite a while on this level, mainly because they had a lot of men fashion. The designs were quite unique and quirky, so my hubby seemed to like them a lot. He did end up buying a few T-shirts here and they looked pretty awesome!

They even had the underground subway signs LOL. It really brought back memories of London for us.

We found a really cute shop that sells those T-shirts with adorable prints, and I was screaming like no tomorrow as soon as I walked in. I begged my hubby to buy the shirt on the bottom left corner as couple shirts HAH! I knew it would be so embarrassing for him to wear it with me but...THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT!!! lololol (Yes we had a weird relationship LOL). Anyways, he ended up buying it and I kept teasing him that I'm like the rabbit on the right, where he's like the left one who always just ignore me LOL.

Then we saw this giant cat on the level that's imitating Japan.

And...Sumo contestant...LOL

The iconic tower that's at the centre of the was pretty tall.

Overall Terminal 21 was a pretty cool place to hang out and shop around. I'd say it's more targeted to the younger crowd, as a lot of the merchandises and food are more suitable to their taste. Although even if the merchandises isn't your style, I'd still recommend people to go and just look around. It's quite a fun place, and even the toilets were...unique HAHA.

For dinner, we went to Nara at 7th floor in Central world. We have been wanting to try this restaurant since day 1, and I think nearly everyone said they loved it after they've been.

We already have one particular dish in mind, though we also ordered Pad Thai. This dish was very nice, I loved how the noodles were not too dry nor too slimy.

Here it is!!! The stir-fried crab with yellow curry, or Phu Phad Pong Karee. It was so legendary that we couldn't even speak after tasting it. The sauce was unbelievably delicious, and even just eating it with rice was so satisfying. I could see so many exclamation marks popping out of our brains at that moment...absolutely speechless. The good thing is, it's not too spicy so you can keep eating them without worrying about the burning sensation. I missed this dish so much and I really wish we could just teleport this over to Australia!

The last dish we had was dessert, and of course we'd pick Mango Sticky rice. Though me and hubby both agreed we still loved the Mango sticky rice from Mango Tango the most (Check out my Day 1 and 2 post:

Ok that shall conclude day 8 and 9. I'd say we had a pretty good time shopping and just hanging around. I'll be writing one more post based on shopping so let's look forward to that then!

See ya soon~~


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