Monday, May 30, 2016

Liz Lisa Spring/Summer haul 2016

Hi everyone ^^ I've decided to put some of my future haul here, though I'd mainly be focusing on Fashion items. I might do them by seasons, and occasionally I'll try to post about special releases or collaboration items.

Today I'm going to share my most recent Spring/Summer haul from Liz Lisa! ^^ These feedback are based solely on my personal opinions, and all the items were purchased from TokyoKawaiiLife using Tenso (All the original pictures of the items were from TokyoKawaiiLife:


I saw this item back in...March I think? It was one of the very first Liz Lisa item that I've added to my wishlist ^^ I actually find it very similar to some of the styles I've seen from other brands, such as Snidel ^^ Luckily it made it to sales and I bought it straight away in White colour! They come in navy colour too (just the top is navy colour), but I felt it doesn't seem to match very well together with the white satin dress.

I fell in love with this One Piece due to the fact it comes in 2 parts, and it's quite versatile to separate and wear them with other items too.

The knit top comes in long sleeves, and the material is slightly transparent and thin (though it doesn't bother me as it comes with the inner dress). There were 2 adjustable parts near the edge, so that you can definitely tighten it up a bit if you want to. However I personally like it when it's loose. 

Here's what the back looks like. It's actually quite a plain piece comparing to a lot other Liz Lisa items, as it doesn't really come with much patterns, colours nor decorations. The top itself comes more in an off-white colour, which is darker than the inner dress.

Sorry about the dark lighting here >< but the inner dress itself is actually a little whiter than the top. The straps are adjustable as well so there's a lot flexibility to fit this One Piece over different body shapes.

I absolutely love the fact that the bottom bit comes in a satin material, it creates a really nice contrast with the top. I also like the subtle patterns, as it gives out a really elegant vibe.

Here's my OOTD of this One Piece ^^ (Later I will post some OOTD on Instagram too, follow me there if you are interested @ mintyminad). The shoes was also from Liz Lisa, though I got it in 2015 Winter. I thought I'd match these together to give a slight Winter feel rather than completely Spring look (or the transition period), as the One Piece itself comes in long sleeves.

I'm pretty happy with this item^^ It's quite an ordinary One Piece, but I love the fact the top and bottom can be separated. If there is anything to say about this item, I'd probably say...I'll wear a singlet inside if I'm going to wear the top on its own, just because it is slightly transparent. 

Rating: 8/10


This Sailor collar cardigan has been saved in my favourite ever since I first saw it, although back then I couldn't really decide on the colour. I was so excited when I saw this went on sales later on, though I still had quite a bit of difficulty trying to decide on the colour (between white and blue) LOL. In the end I picked blue (almost like baby blue) since I don't have this colour in my wardrobe, but I know it would go well with a lot of the items I had.

When I saw this cardigan in person, I was so glad I got it in blue! It was such a nice colour and I loved every single bit of it ^^ It's about average thickness, so I'd probably wear this at the transition from Winter to Spring.

The collar comes with lace details, and the buttons are actually in bow shape ^^ 

It also comes with a baby blue detachable ribbon, though I find it doesn't really affect the look of this cardigan that much with/without it :P

It comes with Sailor style collar, and the back looks just as gorgeous ^^

Here's my OOTD of the blue cardigan (as well as the inner dress from previously ^^) with the same Liz Lisa fur shoes. I'm 100% in love with this cardigan!!! The only thing I can say is that due to the shape of the buttons, it may be a little more difficult than the usual round ones to button up haha.

(Unfortunately all 3 colours are sold out at the moment >< I guess they have been pretty popular!)

Rating: 10/10


This item was something that come across my mind but I wasn't going to get it unless it was on sale, DID lol. I got mine in pink colour, although to be honest I don't see too much difference between the pink and blue. The dress itself was mainly in white ^^

It's actually slightly different to the type of One Piece I'd normally wear since it comes with a (rather rigid) collar. But initially I fell in love with the sleeves, which I thought would make a great Spring-look style.

There's a pink detachable bow near the collar, and the buttons comes in heart shape ^^ The buttons then goes half way till the waist area.

I actually don't know what it says on the writing LOL (feel free to tell me if you know). Though I thought the pattern was a little bit different with the roses as well...which somewhat reminded me of those French letter sets that I've seen at some stationary shop XD

The good thing about this One Piece was that the waist area was really flexible, as it really stretched out a lot more than I'd imagine.

I love the sleeves ^^ They are so feminine-looking!

Here's the back look of it ^^

Here's my OOTD with this One Piece, and I matched it with a pair of white Summer sandals from Titty & Co. This dress is definitely suitable for both Spring and Summer, and I wouldn't mind wear a knit top over it or something (with the collar showing) in a slightly cooler weather. 

As much as I loved the style of this dress, I do find it was quite puffy from waist upward. The dress itself would move up slightly and gradually as I walk around LOL. It doesn't bother me too much at this stage, but I guess I'll have to wear it more to see if I'm really ok with that issue.

Rating: 6/10


Ok I'm not exaggerating, but I seriously fell HARD for this White One Piece as soon as it was released!!! It reminded me a lot of this dress I saw from the brand "Chesty" (though that was sold out ><), but in a way I felt the patterns were done better here by Liz Lisa. I even loved the design of the shoulder/sleeves bit, as well as the waist line. 

The colour of the flowers were perfect! I also love how it comes in a lacy outer layer.

The length of the shoulder/sleeves part would definitely make this a great summer dress, and I like the little frills around the waist line too.

Here's what I meant by the layers, how neat!

The back comes with a long zipper (goes past waist line) with a small hook at the top, and I'm glad this dress fitted me quite well.

I will show my OOTD along with the sandals, so keep scrolling down hehe ^^

Rating: 10/10

They are sold out of the White colour at the moment, however if anyone is interested in the navy colour, click HERE. I personally only ever loved the white colour, but I do think the navy one would be a great work outfit :)


I think I didn't even hesitate for a second when I saw the release of this pair of sandals LOL. Due to the fact I don't have any red sandals, and the point that it's super adorable...SOLD!!! :D Seriously I think I was excited about this purchase the most out of all!

I like how it had a gingham pattern base, and the white frills in contrast with the red colour ^^ Oh yesss and the small ribbons LOL (yea that's pretty much everything).

Normally I'm not too much of a fan for ribbons, but I don't mind when the ribbon comes in thinner width.

They had white lace bits tied up in bows at the heels ^^ I'm still surprised at how easy and stable these are to walk with, despite the fact I did get a little intimidated at the heels (as always LOL).

Here's the side look, and as usual they come with clip buttons to secure the straps around the ankles. The heels then comes in natural cork colour as always for summer shoes :) 

I'm really in love with this pair of sandals and how comfortable they are ^^ I'm almost thinking of getting another white pair haha let's see if they make it to sales?

Rating: 10/10

They are sold out of Red colour at the moment, but white and pink colours are still available ;)

Here's the OOTD along with the previous floral dress. be honest I probably won't match this shoes with the dress normally, but I just wanted to show you guys both items in here (besides, they actually doesn't look too bad together? :P).


The very last item from this Liz Lisa Spring/Summer haul is this simple red cardigan. I actually bought this because of the "One Piece + Top deal" at TokyoKawaiiLife, and I do indeed need a red cardigan in my wardrobe. I thought something simple would be nice, as I wanted to create more mature outfits with this. 

I guess this cardigan is especially designed for those who loved to clip the top button only LOL. As you can see, the top button is different to the rest.

The top button comes with pearls and sparkles, the size is perfect too as it doesn't catch too much attention but also adds a bit of elegance. It really reminded me of some of the Bijou style cardigans I've seen before, which was something I always wanted to get ^^

And the top button is actually those clip on ones :)

Here's the back of it, very plain and simple indeed, without any patterns LOL.

Last OOTD along with the previous floral dress and red sandals ^^ The model actually wore this floral dress with the red cardigan in the official pictures on TokyoKawaiiLife, although at first I never really thought about matching a red cardigan with this dress. I definitely loved the cardigan as it matches with a lot of the items in my wardrobe, and somehow I really come to love red colour in the recent few years (maybe because of it's the same colour as strawberries and cherries? LOL). One last thing I can say about this cardigan that I wish it came with a spare top button rather than the round button :)

Rating: 9/10

That's all guys!!! I hope you enjoyed reading about my Liz Lisa Spring/Summer haul :D I do apologize for the poor lighting in some of the pictures though, as I only have time in late afternoon/night to shoot those photos >< 

If you guys wish to see other type of haul, please let me know as I'm always open for suggestions/feedback :) Otherwise, you can visit my Youtube as well since I post some of my collection/haul there too ^^ ( Or you can always check out my Instagram (@mintyminad) for future OOTD pictures and other cute things ^^

Thanks for reading! See ya next time~~~


  1. You got lots of cute items! I really love the lace fit and flare dress best and you look lovely in it!

    1. Thank you ^^ some of the spring items this year are my favourites from Liz Lisa so far :D

  2. I love the first dress/sweater! That looks just amazing on you. Now I'm wishing I'd have gotten it. >_< They have some more red sandals coming out. I saw previews on IG and I'm hoping to get those.

    1. Thank you :D I liked it more after I tried on~ hope they can restock some later >< wow really? That's awesome to hear! Hope you can get the red pair, they are pretty good summer shoes I'd say :)