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"How to be a successful blogger (cheat one™)" by Cheesie - Ebook review

I have always been a person who love reading books, and mainly printed books. So you could say I'm not so much of an e-book person, and this one here is probably one of my very first few e-books that I've bought in my whole life LOL.

Today I have a quick review of Cheesie's e-book called "How to be a successful blogger (cheat one™)".

Before I go on with my review, here's her blog if you haven't heard of her:

She has been one of the very few bloggers in which I still follow and read after quite a while...(considering somehow less people read blogs these days??) It all started due to a random stumble on her blog back around 2011 or so, when I was searching about Japan. I was almost immediately attracted to her style of writing and her great passion for Japan, so I've decided to add her to my favourite blog list. I have always been amazed at this Malaysian blogger who started blogging since 2004!! (Oh how I wish I followed her since the very beginning!) It's not easy to continue doing something you love after all these years, so I really admired her persistence and hard work.

When Cheesie released her first book, I've decided I'm definitely going to read about it. I've thought awhile and finally purchased the e-book, which I consider to be more original than the printed book (edited VS self-edited). It has 12 chapters altogether along with pictures, and each chapter was separated to convey different part of her life along with related topics within.

E-book link (Etsy):

Reading this e-book actually brought a lot of my own memories back, from a child to teenager and then to an adult. Her journey began with a little brown diary at the age of 9 years old, and from then onward it just built up. That reminded me of when I first started a physical diary at age 12, and how I use to write all the personal thoughts on them. I'm not sure if it's an introvert thing, or due to the fact as the only child, but I do feel writing a diary made me a little happier back then.

As I read on, I actually find out some of the bits and pieces that I did not know about blogger. Nowadays a lot of people wanting to become successful by blogging, though I wonder if everyone realised how much work and effort are needed to maintain a great blog. One highlight I'd like to mention was how Cheesie mentioned the evolution of being a blogger since 2004, in which it was something I really enjoyed reading out of this book. It's amazing to see the changes within this long journey, and the dilemmas that have occurred along the way. Even though the summary was short and sweet, I felt like they were spot on!

Another part I enjoyed reading was her love and passion for Japan, in which she has also shown frequently from her blog. Though the most memorable part was when she said that she actually become someone she likes while in Japan, and that she feel happy every minute just by being there. I don't think this was exaggerating at all, as I knew some people (including myself) who really had such strong passion towards something, and began to love more about themselves as they strive their passion. LOL if I could make a comment here, I'd say I absolutely envy the fact that Cheesie got to visit Japan so many times (like...OMG how much I wish I actually live that close to Japan!!!).

Final Thoughts:

I got to see the glamorous side of Cheesie throughout this book, but also the dark sides of being a successful blogger. I really love how Cheesie has always been so brave to write about her true self and thoughts, and never afraid to show any imperfections she had. I felt it made us readers feel more connected, and appreciate the fact that she's being real. The fact that she always felt thankful for all the things she have, and now moving forward to become an even more loving person as a mother of 2, have all inspired me in every possible way. So let me just say, this book is definitely for you if you want to find out more about her as a person, not just as a blogger.

I'm glad I read this book and I definitely don't need a refund LOL. Thank you Cheesie and wish you all the best in the future too.

*Please note that all reviews were solely based on my personal opinions.

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