Thursday, June 2, 2016

June 2016 Wishlist

I'm starting to compile wishlist starting from this month, mainly because I want to see if these really help me to stick with buying what I want/need. That said, I don't plan to get everything off the wishlist but it's always fun and motivating to have one^^

Top left: This is a Liz Lisa One Piece cup 109 limited edition dress from 2014 so it's quite old, though I have fell in love with the red colour ever since I saw it in mid 2015 (Using a pink colour here as I couldn't find the red one alone). It's not something I urgently need but it's been something I wanted for awhile, so if the price is right then I'm willing to go for it! :D

Top center: This has been quite a popular Liz Lisa dress from 2016 Summer collection, and it's a very pretty one made in Japan. I was really attracted to the red colour since the beginning, but's not too urgent so I'm willing to see if it will go on sale eventually.

Top right: This has just been released today as another Megahouse figurines featuring Chibi Moon and Helios. I've been wishing for this pair for way too long so I'm definitely going to pre-order this!! I can't believe how gorgeous they both looked, and I think any Sailor Moon fan would agree ^^

Bottom left: This is from the 2nd collaboration between Qpot cafe and Sailor Moon, which is the pink sugar charm from Chibi Moon. I love the pink colour and the design!!! Although...this is something I'm willing to let go if I don't get around to it.

Bottom center: This is from an Australian brand called Alannah Hill, and it's a really beautiful navy trench coat. I saw this went on sale a little earlier so I've been thinking about it...unsure of this item but they probably run out of my size by the time I go look for it LOL.

Bottom right: Last item is another lovely dress from Liz Lisa 2016 Spring collection. I really love the blue colour and its patterns, but I think I'm willing to wait for this to go on sale. If it doesn't, I guess I won't feel too bad since it's probably at the lowest priority now.

That's all ^^ I might do this once a month just for fun LOL. Here's another chance for me to drool over all the lovely things I find in life XD

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