Thursday, June 23, 2016

My top 10 wardrobe essentials

Hi guys^^ Today I want to share with you my top 10 wardrobe essentials. These are probably the items I'd definitely have and can't live without? (LOL there could be more but I'll stick with 10 this time)

My wardrobe at the moment is mainly separated to 2 different parts, one side is mainly Japanese fashion, and the other side is a mixture of workwear, casual wear, and formal wear (or what I call...the "cooler" outfits LOL). I tend to get picky with some of the investment/basic items, and less picky on trendy/casual items.

Here goes the list of my top 10 wardrobe essentials:

1. One Piece

In the recent few years, I've been getting a lot of One Piece in my wardrobe. I guess the main benefit of these One Piece is that they are really easy to put on and doesn't require too much thinking. Thus they are really good for lazy days, indecisive days or when I am simply in a rush. Usually I love to grab an One Piece dress and an outerwear if the weather is cooler, it really does save a lot of time. I don't have to think about matching top and bottom, and they can be easily dressed up or down depending on the accessories/shoes/bags/outerwear. Eg. If I'm only going for a casual brunch, I can just match a simple dress with a pair of sandals. Whereas if I'm heading to a fancy dinner, I'd wear a blazer, some elegant jewelries, a clutch, a pair of heels and then I'm ready to go. These days most of my One Piece are from Liz Lisa and some other Japanese fashion brands. I tried to have some cute styles as well as more mature/elegant styles for different occasions.

2. Jeans

I have to admit I love jeans! Maybe not as much as I use to be, but I still can't really live without them. Sometimes a pair of really well-fitted jeans just pull the whole outfit together, and not to mention they can be both casual and sexy depend on how you style them. This pair is pretty much my favourite coloured jeans, and I usually love to wear this with short boots, sneakers or a pair of flats. Sometimes it's so simple to just wear jeans with a T-shirt or jumper, and then you are pretty much done for a casual day out.

3. Winter coat

A good winter coat is definitely an essential in my wardrobe, and it's probably the item I'd spend the most on. I'd like to think most of my coats are investment pieces, as I tend to wear them frequently in winter and for a long time. When it comes to coats, I can be quite picky. I'd look at the material first, ie. It has to be more than 50% wool, and any blend of Cashmere would definitely be desirable (Most of the time I can't really wear 100% wool coat, as I had allergies with them before). Then I'd look at the style/colour, and most of the time I'd pick something with a classic design and neutral colour. This particular coat has been my favourite for many years, and it's super warm in winter. I feel it's not necessary to invest in a brand coat, but I'd definitely invest in a good quality coat that can last me a long time.

4. Tailored blazer

Come to think about it, I do have a lot of blazers too and mostly due to the variety of colours. Obviously I keep a few black ones for interviews/work/formal occasions and the rest comes in different length and colours. Personally I prefer short blazers, and this one here is one of my favourite. It's actually a casual blazer, but can probably get away for smart-casual. I absolutely adore how well this fit me, especially when I'm really picky about fitting around the shoulders. For me, I tend to wear blazers with pants more than with dress, but in the recent years I've been experimenting with different types of mix-and-match as well. A really well made and tailored blazer will make you look really professional and polished, so I love that instant glamour they give you.

5. Pretty cocktail dress

I used to have a lot of party/cocktail dresses, but in the recent years I've stopped buying much as I tend to go to less functions/parties. However, I still wear them for weddings and more formal dinner events so it's still essential for me to keep a few nice ones. When it comes to those dresses, I tend to wear a lot black/red colour or a combination of both, somehow they make my skin colour better in the evenings LOL. I really liked this Peplum dress and have worn this to many events/functions before. It's just a really flattering piece and the colour really delight me every time. I definitely think it's good to have a few that hugs onto your body shape really well, and brings out the best features of you.

6. Smart-casual/workwear

For workwear/formal wear, I'm usually more picky about the top than the bottom. So here I'm showing you a black blouse I have which I absolutely love. It comes in silk material and feels really gentle and cool on the body, and it looks both professional and low-key. These types of blouse are definitely what I must have in the wardrobe, and I'd have a few silky or tailored pants and pencil skirts to go with them.

7. Casual/Statement jumper/sweater

I absolutely love to wear jumpers in Autumn/Winter seasons, and I tend to mix both casual and statement pieces in my wardrobe. This particular one is from Kenzo and it's one of my all-time favourite. During the days when I don't feel like to be too feminine, this jumper definitely helped to bring that cool or tomboyish side out of me. I'd wear it with items that has stud/chain elements, or just something casual. I don't normally invest in jumpers but something like this was definitely worth it and I knew I'd wear it for many years.

8. Sporty/casual shorts

I love to wear shorts in summer, and usually I'd go for that "relaxed" look. I tend to pick shorts with loose or flexible waist, and normally I prefer mono-colour or gingham patterns. Sometimes I love a Minimalist look, like a simple white shirt + black shorts. This particular shorts was bought for that purpose, and I could just pair it with a cool sneaker or loafer. I wear them both on the streets and to the beach, the style just depends on other accessories. Ie. I'd wear big sunglasses or a cap for the beach, or leather accessories and/or choker if I'm heading to the city or something.

9. Leggings/stocking

In the cold seasons and when I don't wear pants, I'd definitely be wearing leggings/stocking (as much as I love to, skirt + bare legs just doesn't work out much LOL). Thus I have quite a few pairs in different thickness and colour in my wardrobe to match with my outfits. This particular pair is made of wool so it really keeps me warm in winter. I normally would like to wear long boots as well if it gets extremely cold, or otherwise a simple short boots would do.

10. Graphic/Trendy T-shirt

Last but not least, I love T-shirts, especially when matched with jeans. Most of the time I like ones with simple graphics such as this one here, but I also don't mind ones with hilarious slogans/quote on them too. This is probably the item I'd never spend too much on, just because I change them quite frequently depend on what's trendy or other items in my wardrobe. However, a 100% cotton T-shirt would be nice, especially for the warmer seasons here.

Alright!! I guess that's all ^^ Well...not really...LOL I really do want to list a lot more items but they are probably not as important as those ones above. I could think of items such as cardigans, maxi dress, scarf, jacket or even camisole, but I guess I can actually live without them haha.

What are some of your essential items in the wardrobe?


  1. Mostly one piece cause I don't need to go through the trouble to pair things up, and long/ short skirts! ⊂((・x・))⊃ have you bought any OP from Titty & Co or Snidel? If not, I definitely recommend you to take a look at their web store as there's sales going on right now *\(^o^)/*


    1. Lol that's exactly why I love OP too XD Yea I really like Snidel and Titty&Co brands too, they had some pretty stuffs from summer collection. I've only bought shoes/bags from them before as I was unsure about their sizing haha some of their sale items are pretty tempting though ^^ thanks for recommending~